Sunken City v2.2.6 changelog

Sunken City v2.2.6.w3x – Version 2.2.6. [03.06.2016]

General Changes

  • Heroes no longer play animations during Hold Position.
  • Commands that display info regarding difficulties have updated Magic Find values, which were previously incorrect.
  • The Agility effect of Glyph of Class Mastery no longer has the minimal requirement of damage greater than 3 times hero level.
  • Glyph of Class Mastery now states that pet damage will trigger it.
  • Glyph of Mana Shield now reduces damage taken by 3% of maximum mana up from 2%.
  • The Chaos Executor rare boss is now stronger.
  • The gate openable by lighting the three braziers now gives a better hint.
  • A new random event has been added. Players should no longer feel safe at the Enchantress area…
  • Non-boss challenges are now at the bottom of the challenge list.
  • Fixed a bug where the switches for the Waterworks gate could still be pressed even after it has opened.


Demon Hunter
  • Chaos Blade no longer amplifies attacks and attack modifiers.
  • Havoc has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Soul Cleave.
  • Verdant Spheres has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Chaos Nova.
  • Fueled by Pain now procs on Snakes summoned in Heroic Mode.
Dragon Knight
  • Fixed a bug where Dragonborn could still drain mana while turned off.
  • Nourish has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Flourish.
  • Arcane Dispersion is now a Normal ability.
  • Force of Nature is now a Levelable ability.
  • Wild Growth has been reworked and now functions differently.
  • Hurricane has been removed.
  • Blessing of Elune is now a levelable ability and now functions differently.
  • A new ultimate ability has been added: Starfall.
Flame Warden
  • Blood Ritual has been reworked.
Ice Lancer
  • The healing done by Frost Armor has been increased to 100/200/300/400 up from 75/125/175/225.
  • Frozen Orb now scales with Agility.
  • Frozen Heart now also affects Frozen Orb.
  • Glyph of Heroism now also affects Frozen Orb.
  • Polar Blast now states that its a channeling ability, meaning that it can be interrupted by hero actions.
  • Fixed a bug where Stealth could still reset the cooldown of Fan of Knives if the Rogue had Glyph of Heroism.
  • Dirty Tricks has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Preparation.
  • Tidal Shot no longer resets its cooldown when targeting enemies below 50% health.
  • The cooldown of Tidal Shot has been reduced to 2 seconds down from 6.
  • Tidal Shot damage no longer scales with Intelligence.
  • Tidal Shot now has chance to spawn Sea Elementals.
  • Sea Elementals no longer have the Icy Touch ability.
  • The attacks of Sea Elementals now jumps once.
  • Sea Elementals no longer benefit from Tidal Threat.
  • The mana cost of Tidal Shot has been reduced to 15/25/50/70 down from 25/40/65/80.
  • Fixed a bug where Sea Elementals summoned by Elusion did not twice longer than they normally would.
  • The attack speed of Sea Elementals has been reduced.
Witch Doctor
  • Spirit Linked units now disable the Glyph of Protecting Glyph to prevent game crashes.


  • The Druid Hell Class item now increases the healing of Wild Growth by 30% down from 40%.
  • The recipe components of Helm of the Depths have been changed.
  • Helm of the Depths now restores 300 mana over 50 seconds up from 150 mana over 50 seconds.
  • Helm of the Depths now increases Primary Attribute instead of Intelligence.
  • The recipe components of War Drums have been changed.
  • War Drums now provide Mana Regeneration instead of Armor.
  • Winter Blade now regnerates mana passively and periodically instead of being an active instant effect.
  • Key of Life’s text is now properly colored.

Download: Sunken City v2.2.6.w3x