Dragonball Budokai v2.2

Map  Dragonball Budokai V2.2 – DBB2.2.w3x created by Avarize and Dragonias Dragonball budokai 2.2 changelog: #New hero Goku(GT) added #New hero Vegeta(GT) added #New hero Majin Vegeta added #New hero Bio Broly added #Goku no longer gets ss4, but Super Saiyan Blue instead #Vegeta…
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Sunken City v2.2.6 changelog

Sunken City v2.2.6.w3x – Version 2.2.6. [03.06.2016] General Changes Heroes no longer play animations during Hold Position. Commands that display info regarding difficulties have updated Magic Find values, which were previously incorrect. The Agility effect of Glyph of Class Mastery…
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Naruto Saga 1.33c

Map Naruto Saga v1.33c.w3x by Kakerate Choose from any of 18 Ninjas from the original Naruto series! Fill your role and play throughout the storyline to become the most powerful ninja! This maps in beta now, so I figured I’d make…
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