Naruto My SG v3.1

Map [CT]NarUtO.MySg.v3.0.w3x by Chinese member Category: Other Tileset: Lordaeron Summer Dimensions: 256×256 Playable Area: 256×149 Recommended Players: 1-6 Size: 8026.1 KB   When replacing the background music for the latest Naruto theme song chorus, repair role can not learn the…
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Dragonball Budokai 2.0

Map Dragonball Budokai v2.0 – DBB2.0.w3x by Avarize and Dragonias Dragonball budokai 2.0 changelog: #LOTS of changes i dont remember from old log that got lost when my PC fried #Tapion added #Zangya added #New models for Frieza’s Form 1,2,3 and 4 #Super…
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Lordaeron TA v1.32

Lordaeron: The Aftermath Created by Marshmalo AKA: Lordaeron TA​ Description: Set just after the events of Reign of Chaos, from the depths of Dalaran dungeons Lord Illidan has cast his spell damaging the Frozen Throne. As the Lich Kings power leaks,…
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