Vaphotkey 2.2 – Work at Win8

– Add a tab “Quick”: Quick chat in War, moved shortcut hero (F1), pause the game.
– Support received ALT / CTRL / SHIFT / WIN + “key” (except tab hotkey). For example: Alt-Z to call skills Alacrity (Z) of the Invoker, Ctrl-1 to quick messages 1.
– Something change in the code

Note: Windows7 + 8 need to run in admin mode (right click and select “Run as administrator”)

Hotkey – Inventory switch hotkey.
Change key – moving the users skill, skill for dota LOD, OMG.
Invoker Skill – create and use invoker skills quickly.
Support the Space key and some other special keys.
Chat normal when using hotkey.

         Change Key                    Invoker Skill