Anime Battle World 0.4h

Map Anime Battle World v0.4h.w3x update by Takeshi_Sawada

This map have 20 Heroes Only

This is Aos 3v3v3 (Bleach, OnePiece, Fairy Tail)

This is the longest version yet ever made. What have change???

Goku E skill change
Sasuke R skill change
Lambo E Immense Str change from 5/10/15/20/25 to 3/6/9/12/15
Luffy Nerf
All Hero skill Range decrease from 70-100 to 50-65
Strength gain life decrease from 19 to 9 hp
Creep damage increase from 37 to 47
Reconstuct terrain because of a blocking of the tree
New FFA and Solo tour terrain
Fix tour problem die instantly
Fix Oga Str decrease by 30 after mode R
Rebalance some hero Goku,Wendy,Kunieda

Report bug. 0.5 delay till the map is fix from critical bug that can cause the gameplay to be ruin. If the hero is problem(No damage or etc) ban it.