Dota v6.78c AI 1.4e

Dota 6.78c AI Plus – Dota-Allstars 6.78c AI Plus Map Download. The PlayDota AI team has just released the long awaited DotA 6.78 AI. Using this map, we will be able to train with AI players (bots) in the DotA 6.78c version. Aside of the other port and improvement, Oracle and Kaolin also already got their AI in this map. Can’t wait to download? Check out the download link and the changelogs below:

Last words – it was fun to do this. But it seems it’s time to move on. Codename of the map pretty much sums up everything. There probably will be a Rev B or 2 version, though do not expect it soon enough.

To any potential developer.

If you plan to port AI to next map, use this version, it has all the latest tweaks and changes included. I hope you won’t have much trouble modding it too if you will feel like, any changes are welcome if they done right way. After all, this project was founded with the help of community and supported by it for all these years. Good luck and have fun.