Dota 6.80c lod v5c

Official Map DotA 6.80c Lod v5c download by ResQ

Dota v6.80c lod v5c changelogs:

* Fixed placing wards on un-placeable terrain wasting them
* Fixed agha-upgraded Laser not dealing any damage
* Fixed Dust triggering Fiery Soul
* Fixed Blood Bath staying permanently
* Fixed Unrefined Fireblast (Multicast agha) being lost sometimes
* Fixed Feral Impulse not working correctly when picked in slot 5
* Fixed Sven having too few armor
* Fixed Spirit Bear’s Entangle still being an orb-effect
* Fixed Enchant Totem tooltip not informing about reduced damage on melee heroes (if you have Geminate Attack)
* Fixed CM having wrong MS in tooltip
* Fixed supercreeps in -SC (-supercreeps) mode not giving any gold or EXP
* Disabled Midnight Pulse, Frostmourne and March Of The Machines completely as they cannot be fixed right now
* Fixed some things having default string as name (sent raxes, sentry wards, etc)
* Balanced Enchant Totem damage from 100/125/150/175% dmg to 100/140/180/220% extra dmg
* Backstab now deals your main-attribute as damage (no longer limited to AGI)
* Empowering Haste is now in it’s old state again (pre-6.76), it will give 4/8/12/16% bonus damage based on your movementspeed
* New Utility hero with 3 spells (last one will be added later):
– Soul Steal (Lifesteal that can be used on allied or enemy heroes, transferring HP. Can be used while moving, 400 Cast Range, 600 break range. CD of 12s, 45 MPcost)
– Classic Last Word (old Silencer aura that silences enemies in a 750 AoE for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s after they cast a spell)
– Lightning Grapple (old Storm ulti, dragging you and any nearby heroes to the stated location, 800/900/1000 cast range, 50 CD, 175/225/275 MPcost)

* Spell balances

* More balance adjustments to make more heroes viable

New HCL scripts for hostbots: chev5 – sdd5s6soulabbofnfrer

New Spell IDs (for custom keys)

What is Legends of DotA? (LoD):

Legends of DotA, or in short, LoD, is a DotA modification. It allows you to pick and mix skillsfrom the original DotA map as you like. You can pick almost every combination you can think of, there are almost no limits – you can create new heroes within a few clicks and play with them!

Ever imagined playing a hero with over 900 range? Just pick Sniper’s Take Aim and Lanaya’s Psi Blades and you’re good to go! There are countless possibilities!

Mode dota lod

To remove the fact that hotkeys overlay, we recommend using Auct Hotkeys Tool v2.8d (AHT v2.8d). It allows you to have more than 1 spell on the same hotkey while not forcingyou to click spells.

Update new version: DotA v6.81b LoD v6a Beta 4.w3x