ZodCraft 3.10 – GarenaMaster v3.10

Hello everyone, ZodCraft / GarenaMaster 3.10 free download has been released!

2014 GarenaMaster is now change name to ZodCraft

ZodCraft / Garena Master v3.10 which removes all the restrictions from Garena gaming client.
It has a lots offeatures including built-in Garena Exp, NameSpoofer, Auto-room joineretc.GarenaMaster project was originally started by m4st3r and continued by DarkSupremo

Changelog [v3.08-9-10]:
– Updated Vietnamese (VN) language
– Fixed Shared Fog / Remove All Fog that was inverted.
– Improved Map Checker.
– Added Checkbox “Map Checker” that you can disable in maphack features to force enable specifc features in non-dota maps.
– Fixed problem that the latest map created is not recognized when you close your war3 and try to create the game again.
– Added tips in game with how to fix naix ultimate (disabling the safe click temporary)
– Fixed mini-map fog to be completly removed even when you disabled it in features (bug with Reveal Units on Main Map)
– Fixed Exp Hack ON/OFF that was not working correctly on Garena Plus.
– Added Option to enable/disable Read Enemy Chat on Garena Tab (It work only for garena!!)
– Fixed Read Enemy Chat that was not working in game with more than 3 players.
– Added Sender nick to Read Enemy Chat.
– Added Colored nick to Read Enemy Chat.
– Fixed problem with manabar
– Another fix for Read Enemy Chat, now if for some reason it does not detect the nick (just for precaution) it will display the message without it (may display msg from ally also if it didnt detected the nick)
– Fixed problem that some features was not working due bug with Map Checker, like: Goblin Notifier, Divine Notifier, etc.
– PS: Read Enemy Chat only work for HOSTS!!! and DONT work for HOSTING BOT ALSO!
– PS: All configs will be reseted in this version!!