Garena total 5.9.1

Garena Total v5.9.1 has been converted completely free . You will not need to load the message or scratch card to activate again.

– Button [Start Garena] came back.
– Fix error that auto-join doesn’t work in new Garena LAN.
From now on, it is required to start Garena LAN from Garena Total.

v 5.9:
– Support new Garena LAN client
Download the new Garena LAN at here– Button [Start Garena] was removed
The removal of [Start Garena] button does not affect other functions of Garena Total
If you want Garena to automatically start with Garena Total, you can configure in [Auto Open] section

Auto Joiner

(as know as Auto Join, Auto Click) helps you to join rooms easier and faster by trying to join one or more rooms automatically and repeatedly.
• To auto-join 1 room: Double click on that room.
• To auto-join multiple rooms: Move your mouse on the first room and press F7, then move your mouse on the second room and press F7.
• To stop auto-joining: Press Esc.

What is Tunneling?

Tunneling is a process that makes a direct connection between you and another players. Benefits of tunneling are:
– Anti-lag, anti-disconnect and improve the connection speed.
– Help you see created hosts OR help other players to see your host.
– Show exact ping.

Pings are reduced after tunneling

What is Auto-Tunnel?

Auto-Tunnel is a feature of Garena Total helps you tunnel all of players in your room automatically. It can tunnel 225 players in less than 5 seconds. And you can also run auto-tunneling while playing game.

How to use?

• To tunnel all players in room: Press F6.
• To tunnel all players in your host: Press Shift + F6.

Dota Hotkey or Warcraft Hotkey

helps you change the default hotkeys into your wanted hotkeys.
Hotkeys can be a single key, a combination of keys, middle mouse, scroll mouse, or extra mouse buttons.
You can use Ctrl + F5 to enable or disable Warcraft Hotkey.

Garena Total supports:
– Inventory Hotkeys
– Skill Hotkeys (plus Learn Skills and Auto Cast)
– Invoker Hotkeys
– Hero hotkeys
– Screen moving hotkeys
– Lock mouse in -window mode
– Show/hide Scoreboard, pause game, and other features.

Quick Chat
Send messages by hotkeys
Send multiple messages at one time
Can be used for in-game chatting, lobby chatting and room chatting

Garena Total has many other useful features beside the main features such as:

Auto Open

If you feel bored with having to run lots of application like maphack, manabar,… before you start playing your games, Auto-Open will help you. Auto-Open will auto run all your assigned application, thus saving your time.

How to use:
– Check the check box to activate the slot, then click on […] to choose the application you want to run.
– Same as above, you can do it with many other applications.
– From now on, each time you run Garena Total, those applications will be auto opened.

Download: (880.7 KB)