Bleach Vs OnePiece v9.0

Map Bleach vs OnePiece v9.0 AI download is Realesed
Other map Bleach vs One Piece 8.1 or 8.8 is fake map
You can play this map with AI (Computer)….Good luck and have fun (12 Players)

Bleach Vs Onepiece Version 9.0 update – Progress 80%

– ***** Adjust the skill of heroes into a new skill at all. (19 characters). *****

-Edward Newgate 100%.
-Shanks 100%.
-Kizaru 100%.
-Akainu 100%.
-Pein 100%.
-1st Hokage 100%.
-2nd Hokage 100%.
-3rd Hokage *** (was taken out). ***
-4th Hokage 100%.
-Madara 100%
-Super Gogeta 100%
-Broly *** (was taken out). ***
-Kid Buu 100%
-Soifon 100%
-Rayleigh 100%
-Marshall D.Teach 100%
-Doflamingo 100%
-Zabuza *** (was taken out). ***
-Law 100%
-Golden Lion Shiki 20%
-? (Coming Soon).

– Random is not for every body. Not new except the Rayleigh-pay 30 gold to Status +100 new characters do not add it. It was a gold medal free The usual old
– Brook skill 4
– Model New world

Coming Soon.
– Remove some heroes.
– Added a new hero (more so than any other, because the number of houses Bleach Bleach very little).
– Add some Item, Item, with lines Int and Fix bug of item blink.

(If the part you want to edit the post to tell me. Or find a bug just tell me).
Thank you to everyone at the track a lot.

Link download: Bleach vs One Piece 9.0 AI