WoW: Battle of Azeroth 0.7

Map WoW: Battle of Azeroth [0.6] – WoWBoA0.6.w3x by Andrea Riona (Reyzu)

World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth is another World of Warcraft total conversion project of mine, it is an experimental mix between ORPG + Hero Arena with class change feature. Play as Human Alliance or Orcish Horde. Join the fiercing fight between the iconic two faction from World of Warcraft! A project dedicated to those who want to kick Garrosh in the butt.


Your goal is to defeat 3 faction leaders of opposing side in order to win the game.

You start the game as either basic melee or spell caster class that available: Warrior and Scholar for Human Alliance or Barbarian and Magi for Orcish Horde, and can change further into Advance Class when you reach level 15

 Human Alliance: Current Mesh Usage

Orcish Horde: Current Mesh Usage

Map Features:

Total Conversion Materials from WoW

All materials has poly reduced, geomerged and edited by myself for the project usage purpose.

A Fantasy-Themed, Detailed Terrain

Featuring Stormwind and Orgrimmar as 2 great faction stronghold.

Limited and Upgradeable Items

Like in ORPG, Player can only carry 1 type of equipment, all items are upgradeable up to level 5! Backpack is also available on the map incase you’re out of inventory.

Changeable Class

Total of 16 (8 for Alliance and 8 for Horde) Advance Class variety of specializations which you can access when you reach level 15.

Custom Attachments

A fancy weapon and shield attachments from WoW itself.

Interactive NPC

Communicate with NPC for blab, game info and some trivia about some iconic names from Human Alliance and Orcish Horde faction. Some notable names from both faction are coming as cameos as well. Some NPCs are also providing quests to helping you level up faster.

And More!