DotA v6.81b AI 1.2.0 Rev 3.w3x

Map DotA v6.81b AI 1.2.0 Rev 3.w3x English version by Joyj Update and download by JamesDruid0806 on September/23/2014

From JamesDruid0806

Hi everybody!

So I ported these Chinese maps made by Joyj to English version. They are pretty much based on the last AI map released by the AI team that’s why it’s pretty buggy.

DotA 6.81d AI 1.2.0 Rev 3:

  • Skeleton King’s Mortal Strike is now passive
  • Skeleton King’s Vampiric Aura is now fixed
  • Vengeful’s Revenge Aura is now removed from the Ability List
  • KotL’s ultimate was a critical bug but it is now fixed but there would be minor glitches for him.
  • KotL’s Ultimate’s description is fixed
  • Icarus’ fire spirit is now fixed but the slow is delayed by milliseconds
  • Rikimaru’s ulti icon and tooltip is now fixed
  • Jakiro’s Liquid Fire’s icon and hotkey is fixed but tooltip is still a problem
  • Rexxar’s ability list is reordered and icons are now changed
  • Ogre Magi’s abilities should be fixed by now though there might be few glitches
  • Fixed the number of possible Meepos and fixed Meepo’s Ulti when carrying aghanim’s
  • Orb of Venom’s Animation and Sound should be fixed by now
  • Pandaren’s Drunken Brawler is fixed but few glitches for him too.
  • Achievement System is now disabled by default. You can re-enable it by adding -sa to game modes.

This version Dota 6.81b ai 1.2.0 translated (ported to english) by JamesDruid0806 and the AI map done by Ciel

Please test it before say any bad words, sorry for my english is not good