Hero of The Empire v1.16H

Map Hero of Empire v1.16H – Hero_of The_Empire_v1.16H.w3x by Inmortal Siegfried

The empire of the dark and the light are at war, the forces of the dark have an advantage that is growing, you must surpass this advantage.

 In this game you must defend your empire and destroy the one of the enemy. the enemy empire: The forces of the dark , have a slight advantage at the beginning and this advantage is growing all the time, you must surpass the growth of the enemy with your hero that can raise indeterminely of level and their abilities arrive until level 9, besides that you have more than 200 items that you can buy or find. To defead the forces of the dark you have to choose items that agrees to your hero abilities and avoid the destruction of the buildings of the empire.

Game Play and Recommendations

At the beginning is better if you buy life regeneration like a potion or the leather helm and a horse to carry your items, in level 1 you are very weak and the enemy tower may kill you in 2 or 3 hits you have to be careful until you become strong, you can buy a town portal to return faster to your base or to help your allieds in the other sides, you cant allow to lose a building because all the enemys become stronger, one of the houses give they damage the other armor, the other one life and the barrack give they a lot of life and damage, if you lose a few building you can still win, but if you lose a lot of them it become imposible. You can build towers and evolve them a lot. If you are playing with more than 4 players, level up some levels in one side and them you can go to kill neutral creeps in this way you allow your allied to leveling faster and you to.

Download: Hero of The Empire v1.16H