Dota 6.84a beta 8 changelog

Dota v6.84a beta 8 changelog:


    • Reverted control loss on Berserker’s call or Winter’s Curse
    • Autoattack switching removed
    • Fixed issues with wave-based spells
    • Fixed Double damage disappear on morphs
    • Courier morphing disabled to prevent permanent death bug
    • Hookshot and Ensnare can now be casted while in Ethereal form
    • Added “Wheres courier” button in Game options
    • Added damage type hint in Game options
    • Added testers crew into Quests
    • Scoreboard now supports cooldown reducing
    • Fixed Alchemist, Lycanthrope, Dragon Knight and Undying ultimate timers being wrong
    • Satir Trickster manapool increased from 400 to 500
    • Test command -lvlup now can be used as -l
    • Test command -dummy now can be used as -d
    • Test command -killall now can be used as -ka
    • Test command -gold now can be used as -g
    • Chat command -clear now can be used as -c
    • Chat command -md switch mouse denying option state
    • Chat command -hold switch double hold option state
    • Various tooltips fixes
    • Issue with missing player’s slots data for Ghost bot fixed
    • Ghost bot data improved: now instead of “final gold” provides player’s networth


Ancient Apparition

    • Ice Blast can no longer be dispelled


    • X Mark the Spot will no longer return invulnerable or hidden enemy


    • Alchemist can no longer use Scepter on clones
    • Fixed Alchemist scepter stats issue when applied to already Aghanim’d units
    • Fixed Unstable Concoction counter being visible even if Alchemist isn’t


    • Culling Blade now kills target even if Axe dies due to Lotus Orb


    • Fixed long-range damage from Bloodrage’d unit didn’t get amplified

Holy Knight

    • Test of Faith now teleporting Puck in Phase shift to the base


    • Stampede now destroy trees around unit


    • LVL? Death missile speed increased from 1500 to instant

Drow Ranger

    • Gust knockback now reduce target’s movespeed to prevent going through


    • Fixed Enigma’s Aghanim didn’t upgrade ultimate
    • Fixed Black Hole’s Aghanim damage type to Divine
    • Black Hole will no longer allow enemies to act anyhow (e.g. enemy won’t be able to use Eul)

Faceless Void

    • Chronosphere will no longer prolong Cyclone or sleep effect


    • Geostrike damage turned from magic immune penetrating to magical

Goblin Techies

    • Fixed Land mine AoE
    • Land mine will no longer blast on invulnerable units
    • Remote mines no longer have issues with Minefield sign
    • Minefield sign got new model
    • Added Remote mines counter over Minefield sign


    • Gyrocopter’s Rocket Barrage no longer interrupt unit’s orders


    • Fixed Deafening blast angles
    • EMP damage from DHR to pure


    • Omnislash now should stop if Juggernaut dies


    • Chain Frost will no longer provide vision after 60 bounces
    • Chain Frost can now jump onto fogged units

Lone Druid

    • Syllabear’s Return will now order the bear to Stop instead of continue his orders like nothing happened
    • Spirit Bear can no longer use Return when hero is dead

Naga Siren

    • Fixed Rip tide debuff being removable with morphs


    • Fixed Reaper’s Scythe cause suicide when used on Lotus Orb and damage being fatal for Necrolyte

Nerubian Assassin

    • Fixed Vendetta damage being reduced if Spiked Carapace was activated

Obsidian Destroyer

    • Fixed Arcane Orb not dealing bonus damage to summons or illusions


    • Fixed Brewmaster and critical strikes under Phase effect
    • Relocate will no longer stop Primal Split


    • Fixed Supernova with Aghanim dealing less damage
    • Fixed Wraith mode and Supernova iteraction with Snowball and Primal Split


    • Fixed Rubick issues with Call of the Wild, Charge of Darkness and Phantom Rush

Skeleton King

    • Fixed Vampiric Aura being available too early
    • Fixed Lifestealer abuses while in Wraith mode
    • Wraith mode now works for Meepo clones
    • Fixed Supernova (Agh) issues with Wraith form
    • Fixed Wraith form killing blow can be evaded using some buffs
    • If Reaper Scythe kills hero and target went Wraith form it will receive death timer penalty now
    • If Reaper Scythe + Agh kills hero and target went Wraith form it won’t be able to buyback
    • Fixed Wraith mode and Supernova iteraction with Snowball and Primal Split


    • Laser will no longer reflect on invulnerable or magic immune units


    • Fixed Troll’s Berserker Rage on level 4 provides bonus damage (it shouldn’t)

Sacred Warrior

    • Berserker’s Blood now recount resistance and attack speed when damage received instead of periodically
    • (before: Huskar with Berserker’s blood dies from 4 Remote Mines level 2, now he survives)


    • Last Word now works properly on Blink Strike, Phantom strike and Reality Rift

Treant Protector

    • Added Cooldown reduction support to Treant’s Eyes in the forest

Templar Assassin

    • Templar Assassin no longer can spill non-attack damage
    • Fixed Psi Blades can be stacked on one shot


    • Fixed Mega treant incorrect damage


    • Rot sound restored


    • Fixed Haunt illusions trying to attack their target even after Reality being used


    • New icons for Spiritbreaker


    • Fixed Fury Swipes missing lifesteal with Vladmir’s offering


    • Fixed Visage’s 3rd Familiar position being off


    • Break now disable Geminate attack


    • Powershot no longer slows or lose damage from trees

Witch Doctor

    • Witch Doctor Paralyzing cask animation now fit real effect



    • Bloodstone suicide manacost removed


    • Courier now allowed to use Mango as well as Salve and Clarity

Ethereal blade

    • Ethereal Blast effects now dispells if target become magic immune
    • Ethereal Blast no longer affects caster unless directly targeted
    • Fixed Ethereal state didn’t being recognized


    • Mango no loger has cooldown

Moon Shard

    • Moon Shard now can be consumed by Spirit Bear


    • Radiance switch cooldown from 3 to 1


    • Smoke will no longer dispell from structures, but smoked heroes will be visible under their Truesight


    • Fixed Wards can’t be pulled at unit with no items


  • Added cooldown manipulation support for Ogre, Krobelus, Rizzrak’s Aghanim and Phoenix’s Spirits
  • Gem, Wards and Smoke of Deceit, bought at enemy’s base, now spawns at the farest circle of power isntead of in the middle of spawn
  • Shadow fiend’s Soul and Silencer’s stolen Int projectiles speed buffed to 3000
  • Added a note about MKB with Gyrocopter & Medusa
  • Fixed flying courier model
  • Fixed courier abilities gives extravision
  • Suicide no longer grants experience to enemies
  • Various Break improvements
  • Evasion stacking now recount chance when abilities being learned

Link download map: Dota 6.84a beta 8