SAO Infinity Adventure v0.02 (Official)

Official Map Sword Art Online : Infinity Adventure Version 0.02 Official

Official The Version 0.02 released

If you have any ideas and suggestions you can send me a message so i can make the map going better

Some Usable Commands in the Map:

-clear ( To clear all system message )

-ms ( To check your current movement speed)

-cam 80 to -cam 130 ( Enable you to adjust your camera distance)

-debug ( If your unit is paused , screen keep shaking or your movement speed or something are weird…you can type this command and try to fix it )

-unstuck(If you are stucked in somewhere after you using an ability you can type this command and teleport back to the 1st town in 3 minutes)

You need put SAO IA Pack.mix Model pack to play this map: [Put in Warcraft III/redist/miles]

Download Model pack: SAO IA Pack.mix

Make sure to report any bugs you find or you can suggest. We are always open for suggestions!