Change Log Lordaeron: TA v1.35

By Marshmalo + SvnmS + Sunfall

SUMMARY: This is a work in progress patch which can be released anytime but I wanted to give people the chance to request any small changes or fixes before it goes live. Although not heavy on new content alot of work has gone into developing DH and the Smoulderthorn/Black Dragonflight paths which dosnt show here. I’ve also tried to fix some of the memeory leak issues which could be making the crashes people get worse, but theres still alot more work to do on this as theres alot of memory leaks which need fixing.

⦁ Piercing damage does 5% less damage against heroes.
⦁ Chaos damage does 20% extra to Small armour type.
⦁ Envenomed spears does not target heroes.
⦁ The Eco dome has just 500 hp now to make it easier to aim down.
⦁ Gold bounty from creeps has been decreased on alot of neutral units, especialy within Ruined Dalaran, Tirisfal and Southshore.
⦁ The CP at wetlands has been combined with the CP at Menthil Harbour (They were very close together and this makes Menethil worth defending now).
⦁ The CP within Soliden Farmstead North West of Lordaeron has been combined into Deathknells CP.
⦁ 25g CPs have been reduced to 20g CPs (there is currently too much gold in the game).
⦁ Fixed alliances has been renamed to Event Alliances as some people misunderstod what Fixed alliances mode is.
⦁ An item is available in the shops of various factions which allows the opening of portals to other worlds and elemental planes. The item can open the following portals: Dalaran Dungeon to Dreanor, The Dark Portal to Altar of Storms within Burning Steppes, Twilight Highlands to Deepholm. This helps open up some of the underused areas of the map. Item costs 300g and is only availble after 10 minutes gametime to the following factions: Dragonmaw, Dalaran Remnants, Legion, Horde, Cult of the Damned, Scourge, Forsaken.
⦁ To help new players understand where the portals are, there is a small white glow at locations where portals can be opened with this new item.
⦁ the non-hero versions of Bash do not work on enemy heroes.
⦁ If roleplaying mode is selected all heroes within the game recieve an item that grants +5 hero levels. This allows roleplayers to trigger their end game events and playout their chosen storyline faster.
⦁ Repairing the Observatory grants +150g and wood.




New Content
⦁ By conquering the Black Temple Illidan will grant you a base, gold and xp and Illidan will declare himself Lord of Outland.


⦁ Lady Vashj is non-reviveable if Coilfang base is destroyed.
⦁ Lady Vashjs Blink requires Naga Ascendancy research.
⦁ Kael plays some dialogue when joining Forsaken.
⦁ Crown of Silvermoon renamed to Crown of Anasterian as this is how the item appears in wow.
⦁ Legion and Illidari get gold reward and Illidan says some dialogue when the Lich King mission is carried out succesfuly and the Lich King is destroyed. Will not trigger of the mission has already been failed.
⦁ Balistra move slightly slower.
⦁ Wretched Transformation can now affect air units.
⦁ Fire of the Sin’Dorei upgrade now requires a power source (so needs either Sunwel, Fel pact or Illidari).
⦁ Aethis starts off at the same level as Halduron but at a minimum of level 4.
⦁ Farstriders Multi shot targets max 2 units instead of 3.

⦁ Noth starts off with an extra level.

⦁ Zuluhead permanently dies if the Demongate within Twilight Highlands has been destroyed (This was in last patch but not included in patch notes).
⦁ Deathwing Resting and his attendants have increased hp and armour.
⦁ Deathwing resting is gained by bringing Cho’Gal to him in Deepholm and not by opening the portal. This means you can open the portal and gain the CP there without DW becoming Vulnerable.
⦁ Twilight Citadel can no longer teleport air units with its summon but the spell casting time is now instant.
⦁ necropic Blaze E spell has had its damage reduced from 95 to 65.


New Content
⦁ Conquering Black Temple will proclaim you as ruler of Outland, granting you a base, gold and xp on Balnazzar and Mephisteroth.

⦁ Neather and reality tears no longer deal AOE damage to friendly units.


New Content
⦁ None this patch

⦁ The Obelisks now have ANOTHER HP buff, increasing from 3000 to 5000 to stop them being aimed down.
⦁ Nadox can no longer snipe CPs.


New Content
⦁ The Scarlet Onslaught has been seperated into its own research Path. Researching this will grant you Admiral Westwind and the Onslaught base in Northrend but permanently locks you out of alliance. Scarlet Crusade abilities now require the Onslaught upgrade, this stops players rushing Scourge with SC then rejoining the alliance and resulting in Alliance wins. (This is just a quick fix, later versions will include the full Scarlet Onslaught path which will be powerful enough to play as a solo faction.)
⦁ The Peasants of Lordaeron learnt long ago the need to defend themselves, all of Silverhand’s Peasants now come armoured and ready for battle. (We have been trying to work out how to make Militias more useful, so now LB is unique in having armoured workers that can also be used in battle).

⦁ The Draenei Alliance now replaces Isillien if you have him and restoring Lordaeron after gaining Prophet Velen no longer gives you Isillien.
⦁ Chosing High Elf relations replaces Garithos with Vareesa. If you have chosen this research you now longer get Garithos back if he dies while under mind control from Legion.
⦁ When gaining Shatterath city, the power of Adal is so great that every enemy, none-hero unit within Shatterath when it spawns is killed. (Stops Legion lurking here to base aim Alliance).
⦁ Restoring Stromgaurd only requires it to be repaired to 1000hp. Its also now neutral hostile so enemy players won’t endlessly attack it.
⦁ Arm Militia has been removed from Tirion : Will be replaced with a better ability in the future (Suggestions welcome).


New Content
⦁ None this patch

⦁ Defense Crystals hp reduced from 2500 to 1500 and armour reduced from 10 to 5.
⦁ Dalarans Arcane defenses will now only stay online for 2 minutes before needing to be re-activated again so the defending Dalaran player must use them tacticaly. It takes 4 minutes for the defenses to charge up again.
⦁ The Apex Guardian Crystal will now only attack Naxxramas.
⦁ Wyrmrest Accord Emerald Dragons no longer have magic immunity.
⦁ Duration of Arcane Wrath has been reduced from 20 seconds to 10.
⦁ Maive’s Arcane Vortex has been replaced with WindWalk.
⦁ Maive’s Slow poison has been replaced with Shadow Strike.
⦁ DMG per second of Dalarans Shield Generator buildings has been reduced by half. The generators no longer affect enemy heroes.​



New Content
⦁ Ravens replace Shades as Forsakens Scout unit. (There is nothing in wow which says Forsaken use Ravens but they do have a Raven on their faction Crest so this should make Forsaken more unique).

⦁ Sepulcher no longer grants bonus income.
⦁ Sylvanas’s Black Arrow spell has been replaced with Windwalk which is tied to Deathknell (makes Sylvanas less effective at CP sniping once she has lost her home base).
⦁ Hero variation of Sylvanas’s Windwalk has been replaced with Arcane Vortex.
⦁ Sylvanas’s bow no longer has Blink (Blink ability is incorporated into Arcane Vortex). The item now summons 3 timed life Banshees.

⦁ Falstad can no longer snipe CPs.
⦁ Dark Iron Dwarves no longer gain a base at Grim Batol if Dragonmaw has resaerched the Black Dragonflight path and has a base there.
⦁ If either Dark Iron or Black Dragonflight path is researched Grim Batol becomes capturable.​



New Content
⦁ Kargath has the Siege Aura ability which inspires its defenders, which gives additional 5 armor to nearby defending units over a large radius. (Should help vs Dark Horde rushes).

⦁ None this Patch.


Balance⦁ Unstable concoction has had its damage increased from 400 to 800 but can no longer be used to aim down heroes.
⦁ If Horde Accepts the alliance with Warlord Zaela then Trolls are kicked out of the Horde, trolls get a warning that this might happen when Dragonmaw sends the first offer to join the Horde. (This is because people complained Trolls, Horde and Dragonmaw are too strong together. Trolls will be getting the Smoulderthorn path in later versions.)
⦁ Alot of people have said trolls are still too strong while still in the Horde, this is due to powerful AOE from heroes, strong siege and ranged, extremely fast and heavy melee. When trolls were first designed they were supposed to have strong ranged but weak close range unit, relying on the Horde for their melee but they currently have stronger melee even than Horde. In light of this the following nerfs have been made: – Warbringer HP changed from 1160 to 900, resistant skin has been removed, Raptor hp reduced from 1250 to 1000. Unit limit on both has been reduced from 12 to 10. (For comparison Horde Wolf Riders only have 960 HP).​

Fixed Bug Issues!

– Malganis can no longer be revived after Argent Crusade has been triggered.
– Starting the Argent Crusade Research disables training of Scarlet elites so player cant que up multiple elites to go over the limit.
– Unsummoning a demon portal now only gives you 5 gold instead of 30 as it was possible to get free gold this way.
Ansirem no longer turns into Khadgar in ethereal mode.
– Valkyon no longer stays neutral when Sylvanas triggers this event.
– Brann’s ultimate no longer clashes with his Hearthstone ability.
– CPs are now removed from the income group once killed, this should decrease load on system.
– Aegwin is no longer reviveable.
– Naxxramas can no longer teleport units to House of Barov.
– Dragonmaw can no longer gain both Horde Alliance and Twilight at same time.
– Fixed a location memory leak when Renault spawns for Scarlet Crusade.
– Pathing error in Zangarmarsh has been fixed.
– 16 location memory leaks have been fixed when Twilight triggers sleeping DW in deepholm.
– Gaining Sleeping DW now spawns the correct
– Fixed a location memory leak when DW is summoned.
– Fixed description on Dalaran Shield Generators.

Download: Lordaeron TA v1.35.w3x