Dota 6.84b changelog

Map DotA v6.84b Allstars.w3x released and download (August/07/2015)

Bug fixes



    • Reverted Borrowed Time changes


    • Fixed missing hotkey on Primal’s Split Storm

Drow Ranger

    • Trueshot got new visuals

Faceless Void

    • Time Walk speed increased to 3000


    • Fixed Melting Strike has no manacost starting from level 4
    • Defeaning Blast no longer requires target when Q/W/E maxed


    • Fixed Frost Armor working partially

Pit Lord

    • Dark Rift now ping the target on minimap to show destination point

Shadow Priest

    • Added Shallow grave visuals (ally only)

Skeleton King

    • Reincarnation with Aghanim now has aura indicator

Templar Assassin

    • Fixed fatal error with Psionic Trap


    • Fixed Warlock’s ultimate malfunction with Aghanim


    • Shukuchi got new visuals


    • Fixed issues with Powershot


    • Fixed autobuy counts destroyed items

Aghanim Scepter

    • Added few visuals for Aghanims

Guardian Greaves

    • Fixed Guardian Greaves passive effects

Hand of Midas

  • Midas’ing creep now increase CS count by 1

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