Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.4

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.4 – NinpouStormMN4.4.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

Version 4.4 Changelog:

– Obito: New ultimate choice: Rikuudou Mode
– Domation Mode: Now there’s just a circle in the mid
– Kankuro: Puppets disappear when Kankuro dies now
– Karin’s Fixed Kagura Shingan and Muu tracking enemies outside the map
– Survival/Battle Royal Mode: Fixed ELO issues
– On Survival/Battle Royal, defeated players now have full vision
– Fixed bug of some heroes invisible
– Guren new starting skill: Crystal Labyrinth Technique: Turn all allies invulnerable and pause all units around 1000 AoE during 3 seconds. Cooldown: 100s.
– Kakuzu: Semi damage increased to 800 x skill level
– Zetsu: Duration of mayfly decreased to 30s
– Tsunade: Speed boost on heal increased to 50%
– Badge of ANBU effect decreased to 35 gold/creep
– The effect of Bagde of ANBU now also works on ANBU Mask
– ANBU Mask: Increased chakra regeneration effect to 200%
– ANBU Mask: Weakness (active) removed and put on Heaven Sword
– ANBU Mask new passive: Increase your sight by 500.

– Heaven Sword: Divine punish now has the effect of Weakness (halving genjutsu and ninjutsu for 5s)
– Heaven Sword: Stats bonus increased from 25 to 35. Spell reduction effect removed.
– Heaven Sword: Critical now affect buildings too and chance increased from 5% to 10%.
– Nagato: Increased cooldown of Chibaku Tensei to 100s
– Madara: Limbo dummies are invisible to enemies now and their damages were increased, Ranton Kouga stun enemies for one second
– Sanbi’s skin: Thorns aura replaced to Evasion: 30% chance to avoid an attack.
– Upgraded chakra stone: Now it also gives 50% of life points that upgrade life stone gives
– Now on Battle Royal, each 5 minutes there will a duel between two random players
– Now on Survival Mode, when there are only two players left, the winner is deceived between duels
– Fixed some bugs which happened with Zabuza Demon Slash
– Kiba: Range of semi decreased from 450 to 350
– Mei: Fuuton Mode doesn’t slow target anymore

Download: NinpouStormMN4.4.w3x