Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.4f changelog

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN Version 4.4f Changelog:

[[ HEROES ]]

– Chiyo: Hitomi Goku now also provides additional stats bonus (+5 x skill-level) for her and for her ally

– Suigetsu: Now he drags nearby enemies while in his ult form

– Tenten: Increased casting range of semi from 550 to 750

– Tenten: Increased ninjutsu per level from 2.7 to 3.0

– Jounin Minato: Increased area of ultimate from 600 to 800

– Kaguya: Her ultimate doesn’t ‘pause’ her anymore

– Sasori: Cooldown of Satetsu Kaiho decreased from 30s to 20s

– Sasori: Decreased duration of Performance of a Hundred Puppets from 60s to 40s

– Rock Lee: He can now move while casting Konoha Senpu

– Guren: Removed silence on her semi, but now she can move on her D

– Shikamaru: Damage of semi changed from 1000 x lvl to 800 x lvl

– Kabuto: Dragon Sennin Mode is now permanent

[[ ITEMS ]]

– Samehada Sword, Triple-Bladed Scythe and Akatsuki Set can now be droped (but not sold)

– Price of Samehada Sword and Triple-Bladed Scythe increased from 6000 to 8000 and 9000, respectively

– Price of Akatsuki Set recipe increased from 1500 to 3000

– Ultimate weapons now provide +130 status instead of +100

Naruto Ninpou Storm is an AoS map based on Naruto. Play with more than 60 characters and over 200 items. Pick your hero and fight in the fourth ninja war!