Dota 6.85i changelog

Dota 6.85i

DotA v6.85i Allstars.w3x map changelog:


    • Circle of Power will no longer be selected on death if any shop selected or Deathmatch mode active
    • Backdoor protection: regeneration now smoother, backdoor regeneration stops if any creep attacks tower (no changes at old mechanics, just additional rule)
    • Backdoor protection now affects secondary buildings
    • Roshan can no longer be attacked via manual orb-casting
    • Right Click Deny option now off by default
    • Double Hold option now off by default
    • Megacreeps no longer upgrade already existing creeps instantly, only new waves will become Mega
    • Megacreeps model size increased
    • Removed passive regeneration from Ancient of Wind structure
    • Improved -gg detection
    • Fixed mode SD issues if player don’t pick heroes in time
    • Fixed “SD show heroes” button colors
    • Fixed units behaviour when affected by forceful attack modifier (Berserker’s Call for instance) and target unreachable
    • Fixed attack detection system being incorrect sometimes, causing lags or fatal errors
    • Increased receipe-click buying range from 1300 to 1600
    • One-click buy now drop items into the courier if no hero available
    • Added “transfer items” button to Circle of power, which will transfer items Circle holds to the hero within 1600 range
    • Hero illusions can no longer be denied as non-hero (less than 50%)
    • Buyback text message color changed to red and extended with blank lines
    • Fixed surrending didn’t reveal looser team’s throne
    • Added visual buff for Fountain healing
    • Observers can now see combined networth of both teams at taverns area
    • Test command -respawn now has alias -res and behave like normal respawn
    • Pooling mode now active by default in single player, using -pm mode turns it off
    • Single player games no longer shows “Game mode automatically..” message if no mode entered

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Arc Wader

    • Arc Warden’s sounds altered from Acolyte to KelThuzad
    • Fixed Arc Warden not getting XP when Tempest Double uses Hand of Midas
    • Fixed Enchantress being unable to steal Spirderite and Spiderlings
    • Fixed issues when buying items while Tempest Double or other clones stands nearby
    • Tempest Double now has expiration timer as normal summoned units
    • Fixed BKB charges not carrying over to Tempest Double properly (used to grant full duration always)


    • Battle Hunger no longer dispells if illusion killed


    • Sticky napalm no longer affects invulnerable targets

Bounty Hunter

    • Wind Walk can now be activated while invisible


    • Fixed Exorcism ghosts stucking at Shadow Dance


    • Leveling Spin Web no longer grants extra charge
    • Fixed Spin Web didn’t provide double bonus for Broodmother while she wasn’t damaged
    • Fixed Spin Web provided invisibility instantly
    • Fixed Spin Web didn’t update old webs’ bonuses
    • Fixed Spin Web didn’t provided doubled movespeed bonus correctly
    • Fixed some spells didn’t reveal Broodmother
    • Fixed Broodmother incorrect attack damage while hidden in the Web
    • Spiderling and Spiderite collision size from 12 to 8


    • Penitence projectile speed increased to instant


    • Skeleton Walk can now be activated while invisible


    • Fixed Power Cogs providing vision for extra 3 seconds


    • Old Darkseer’s Ion Shell no longer deals more damage if leveled up


    • Fixed Static Field (Aghanim’d) dealing less damage than should

Dragon Knight

    • Fixed Dragon Tail cast range not being updated after morphing back
    • Fixed rare bug with stun duration of Dragon Tail

Drow Ranger

    • Fixed Trueshot Aura affected non-relevant targets and wards

Earth Spirit

    • Petrify (Enchant Remnant) no longer dispellable
    • Fixed Earth Spirit had flying vision while rolling


    • Fixed Blackhole providing vision when spell ended for extra 3 seconds

Faceless Void

    • Chronosphere no longer affects shops

Goblin Shredder

    • Whirling Death no longer affects invulnerable targets
    • Fixed Aghanim Chakram could be re-enabled dropping Aghanim

Keeper of the Light

    • Fixed Keeper of the Light bonus abilities could stay even if Spirit Form ends

Lone Druid

    • Added Cooldown manipulation support for Rabid


    • Skewer now affects illusions
    • Skewer no longer has limit of 7 targets
    • Skewer no longer causes visual bugs when combined with Pounce


    • Mystic Snake no longer steal mana from hidden units (Disruption) and invulnerable units


    • Geostrike now applies 2 instances of damage instead of 1


    • Fixed Adaptive strike being unavoidable

Obsidian Destroyer

    • Fixed Sanity Eclipse level 2 had very low cast range


    • Fixed Supernova (agh) didn’t refresh Enchant
    • Ensnares no longer prevent Phoenix from moving with Sun Ray

Pit Lord

    • Fixed Pit of Malice may affect allies if casted on neutrals

Queen of Pain

    • Fixed Sonic Wave being magical damage (but affected spell immune) instead of divine damage


    • Eye of the Storm no longer has 0.3 delay between visual lightning and damage
    • Fixed Static Link provided unobstructed vision and linger for 3 extra seconds
    • Fixed Plasma Field providing vision for extra 3 seconds


    • Fixed Last Word providing vision for extra second after being triggered


    • Pounce can now be broken by Ball Lightning, Charge of Darkness, Rolling Boulder, Geomagnetic Grip, Boulder Smash, Tether without visual bugs
    • Fixed Rocket Barrage could affect Shadow Dancing Slark


    • Fixed some spells didn’t reveal Spectre


    • Charge of Darkness no longer destroy trees at destination point or if interrupted

Storm Spirit

    • Storm ultimate now ends prematurely if he dies while rofling


    • Fixed Metamorphosis level 4 didn’t morph illusions


    • Heat Seeking Missiles speed from 1000 to 900
    • Fixed Heat Seeking Missiles being unavoidable


    • Fixed Grow! attack slow stacking for a few seconds after leveling ultimate
    • Improved Grow! visual effects
    • Fixed Tossed unit not being recognized as stunned


    • Fixed Overgrowth provided extra vision over entangled enemies


    • Fixed Snowball providing flying vision

Twin Head Dragon

    • Fixed Liquid Fire not mention being orb-effect


    • Decay no longer affects invulnerable targets
    • Undying Flesh Golem healing projectile speed increased to instant


    • Fixed Viper Strike level 2 slow didn’t disappear step by step, instead it slowed unit for the whole duration
    • Poison Attack now applies 2 instances of poison instead of 1


    • Fixed Familiars dealing double damage on landing
    • Fixed Familiars being protected by Guardian Angel required 1 extra attack
    • Familiars vision while grounded increased from 201 to 390 (just like normal flying)

Winter Wyvern

    • Fixed Winter Wyvern’s illusions could be flying


    • Fixed Relocate providing vision on start point for it’s duration
    • Fixed Spirits provided 3 seconds extra vision when being killed


    • Charged items no longer waste charge if WTF mode active

Aghanim’s Scepter

    • Tiny’s and Enchantress’ Aghanims can now be dropped

Ancient Janggo

    • Fixed visually incorrect selling price for Janggo


    • Fixed Ground courier could pickup runes
    • Fixed “Your item has been dropped” messages when courier deliver stuff
    • Couriers can no longer pickup Rapier
    • Couriers no longer benefit from Boots items movespeed
    • Couriers no longer able to regenerate mana
    • Couriers no longer has collision size
    • Neutrals no longer attack or being aggroed by couriers


    • Fixed Blink dagger not being disabled by ensnares and entangles


    • Dagon no longer allows to target spell immune units

Diffusal Blade

    • Fixed visually incorrect selling price for Diffusal Blade

Glimmer Cape

    • Fixed Glimmer Cape provided basic dispell on the target

Helm of the Dominator

    • Helm of the Dominator now refills target’s hitpoints

Ironwood branch

    • Fixed Ironwood Branch model freezing

Moon Shard

    • Fixed Moon shard description
    • Moon Shard can now be disassembled

Pipe of Insight

    • Fixed Pipe lost +2 all stats from Headdress
    • Pipe of Insight Barrier now affects every ally instead of only heroes and creeps

Power Treads

    • Power Treads can now be disassembled

Quelling Blade

    • Fixed Quelling Blade malfunction

Scroll of Town portal

    • Now allows to teleport onto moon wells and Ziggurats
    • Fixed issues with double clicking onto Teleporation scroll or Boots of Travel when playing on Meepo or Arc Warden

Shadow Amulet

    • Fixed Shadow Amulet not being updated for 6.84b (30 AS -> 20 AS)

Silver Edge

    • Fixed attacking from Silver Edge still applied some debuffs onto attacker (Untouchable, Corrosive Skin)

Veil of Discord

    • Fixed Veil of Discord effects being removed when enemy uses morph ability


    • Placing wards no longer costs any mana


  • Added new icon for Roshan on minimap
  • All neutrals collision size from 24 to 16
  • Fixed Centaur Khan had no decay
  • Fixed Rock Golem had second attack index
  • Roshan can no longer be attacked via manual orb-casting

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