Lordaeron: TA 1.39 changelog

PATCH NOTES 1.39 (Lordaeron: TA v1.39 changelog)
These are mainly bug and balance fixes
GENERAL– Smite on Footmen requires the Scarlet Onslaught Event (Also stops neutral Footmen using this)

– Dalarans Golems use a different Icon for Pulverise.

-Tuskar Spearmen only cost 1 food instead of 2.

– Amount of HP regenerated from Hordes Scroll of regeneration item increased from 220 to 500.

– Forsaken will not unally Legion upon Kiljeadens Summoning if Putress path has been triggered.

– Putress has aura of plague knowledge ability which requires Royal Apothecary

– If Horde has Sylvanas and goes True Horde path, they lose her.

– The number of creeps and rewards XP from Dalaran Dungeons has been reduced.

– Argurals Teleport CD increased from 35 to 180 seconds, now requires Tree of Taldoren

– Argural has his Summon Wolves ability back.

– Damage aura on Lich Kings Remorseless Winter spell has been doubled.

– Genn Graymane can also attack air units with his orb.

– Dwarves Mountain Kinge Elite heal decreased from 600 to 500 and CD doubled.

– Erudax Spies ultimate now has a longer cooldown but at level 2 also reveals invisible units.

– Combat training can now be cast on Goldrinn again.

– Black Dragon General Drakkisath is reviveable as long as Grim Batol is under his control. He also has the summon workers item.

– Gruul hero is no longer compatable with the Black Drgonflight path (lore)

– Fel Rays now have magic damage.

– Destroyers now have magic immunity.

– Fel Blood on Dragonmaws and Fel Elf elites has been made for effective but CD increased.

– Forsaken will not gain Scourges units when Lich King dies if Forsaken has chosen Putress path.

-CD of Blood Elf, Blood Knights Divine shield has been increased.

– Aborsbing the sunwell gives your hero levels, however, after 5 hero levels are given, the game will check
to see whether the hero is level 15 or higher. If the Absorbing hero is level 15 or higher, he will not get those last 5 levels.

EXAMPLES: This means a level 10 hero Absorbing Sunwell will get 4 extra levels, but a level 5 hero Absorbing will get 9 extra levels. A level 2 hero absorbing will get the full 10 levels. This should slow down players rushing to get their God tiers out early game by aborbing the well while still keeping the Sunwell as a juicy target.

– Storm Giants can no longer be charmed.

– The dead Mammoth in Northrend can no longer charmed.

– Forsaken gains acess to Frost Wyrms if she manages to gain control of Scourge after the Lich Kings
Death. Is Sindragosa is still alive Forsaken will also gain her.

– Illidan Empowered Essence of Guldan ultimate CD increased from 1 minute to 3.

– Mana cost of Kazzaks Bleed has been increased.

– There is a Fallen Titan Keeper within Ulduar, but is he dead or just sleeping?

– Doom Guards are limited to maximum 12, obviously, they still require Kil’Jeaden to be summoned. They also have the unsummon ability.

– Blackfuses Telescope has been improved.

– Arcanists Mana Flare damage cooldown has been increased.

– Forsaken loses galen if they chose putress path.

– A’dal has a hero inventory (God tier form). He now also has “Tuure, Beacon of the Naaru” Artifact.

– Putress no longer gains Sylvanas bow but gains a special Elixur item.

– Zuluhead has a bonus Heal over time ability.

– Deathknell no longer grants Pink an extra 15g per turn (Forsaken is able to gain so much money at game start it is not needed).

– Some changes have been made to the way Legion paths work, chosing a path now unallies legion to any previous allies. So Legion may only have 1 path ally at a time but he is free to chose another and leave the old one behind should they not be worthy

– The Felmaw path for Dragonmaw must first be offered to Brown

-The Putress path for Forsaken can be triggered without being offered by Legion, but Legion can then decide whether they are worthy of being an ally.


– Reduced the stun duration from Abendis’s Q ability to 3 seconds on units and 1 second on heroes
– Abbendis Scarlet Onslaught banner’s AoE heal aura won’t work on heroes anymore
– Fixed a memory leak caused by Abendises Ultimate
– Brigitte ultimate no longer teleports enemy units too (Bug)
– Abbendis/Barean slow aura has to been nerfed slightly
– Sally’s dispel spell has been replaced with the silence spell.
– Isilen is no loger available as SO (this is to stop SO gaining 5 heroes).
– Garithos is unrevivable in SO, but if you kill detheroc he becomes revivable. (Bug)
– When SO gets abbendis it says Balnazzar has been expelled from Renault Mograine. [Should be Saidan]
– You can trigger SO after 10 minutes into the game instead of current 10 minutes after the SC trigger.
– SO base has an income, which will help a little LB players with their income. [They have only few CPs in lordaeron and none in northrend that are non-contested]
– Issilien’s blinding light spell is bugged and makes units miss 100%, instead of 20% on level 1,2 and 40% on level 3,4. Also the skills is located above where it should be – above the W spell [That is empty] in skillbar
– Change the graphics of renault’s restore Scarlet monastery to church icon or sth else (Currently abbendis one, which makes no sense)
– After abbendis is researched sometimes barean appears as a neutral hero (its Sally ultimate ability which creates an ankh of reincarnation, so if abbendis is spawned and barean had an ankh trigger will kill him, but he will revive as neutral – like Cairne with reincarnation ultimate)
– Nerf of inquisitor holy armor: Reducing the armor gained from 7 to 5 and reducing the mana cost a little.
– Crimson legionary/lordaeron footman seems to be bugged and is getting double the armor from saidan’s devotion aura. Instead of 1.5->3, 3->6, 4.5->9, 6->12 Not sure what could be causing the problem, it is the only unit that is afflicted by this bug
– Renault’s ult cleave reduced to 25%
– Crusader’s eye for an eye damage reflected reduced from 100% to 50%
– When you summon Reunault Mograine by doing the summon scarlet reinforcements, none of the unit spawn and renault dies. [You can summon renault from any townhall as a research if tyr’s hand fallen, to avoid renault insta spawning amidst cult base, seems like this trigger doesn’t work]


– Nazgrims Demoralising Aura no longer targets friendlies.
– Aggonar in Helfire Peninsula can not longer be Charmed
– Garroshs Maghar Strength correctly increases armour stat by 5 each level.
– True Horde enslaved Elementals now correctly use Horde Upgrades.
– Garroshes Siege Strike ability now correctly moves as fast as Garrosh so they dont lag behind, increasing the amount of targets it hits.
– Sepulcher and Tarren Mill event can be triggered by Either Sylvanas or Putress, the event messages have been updated.
– Kazzaks ultimate no longer mentions Kil’Jeaden.
– The Putress event no longer stops Wretched from being able to offer alliance to Scourge.
– Putress event stops Forsaken from being able to gain the offer alliance to Blood Elves. Same with Horde
– Garithos no longer returns to Silverhand if Detheroc dies and the Scarlet Onslaught has been research.
– Going animal War Gods path as Trolls now correctly Kills any Animal Loa heroes you may have.
– Naxxramas can not enter certain dungeons and instances including the Void, previously the game wouldnt detect Naxx had entered a dungeon if it had been.
– Fixed a memory leak every time Naxramas tried to enter a dungeon.
– Ironforge only changes ownership when attached if the attacking player is an enemy of Dwarves, this stops his allies killing it to take the epic artifact. This also means Horde now correctly get an epic artifact by destroying Ironforge.
– Only Yellow can Forge the epic artifact but Ironforge still drops an epic item when destroyed by an enemy of Dwarves.
– Mountain Kings are now long still availabe after going Dark Iron Path.
– Combat training only spawns a hero level item if actually cast on a hero.
– Fel Blood no longer targets allies too.
– Forsaken Spiders Shadowmeld spell has bene hidden within a spell book so it no longer clashes with other spells in selection groups.
– Baelguns thunder clap no longer produces lag.
– Some potencialy lag inducing triggers which checked every time Forsaken or trolls carried out a no target order have been reduced to test effect on map stability.
– Some pathing correction triggers have also bene disabled as they are suspect of causing lag.
– Secrets of Dalaran ability on Ansirem is no longer lost when he changes form.
– Wretched Kael no longer has 2 summon wretched workers items.
– Gaining Deathwing Resting base in Deepholm no longer Spawns the wrong type of Warlocks for Black Dragonflight path.
– DMC elites Fel Blood no longer heals enemies.
– Horde as Sylvanas can no longer trigger the valkyron event.
– Undead Alexandros no longer spawns in the hero storage area and instead spawns at the House of Barov.
– Black Dragon Whelps no longer cost wood

Download: Lordaeron TA v1.39.w3x