Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) v1.08 changelog

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) v1.08 changelog:

-Added New Hero: Necromancer (Ranged)
Abilities: Necrotic Blast: Creates a blast at a target location dealing damage to each nearby enemy unit.
Death Strike: Fires a missile of death that stuns a target enemy unit for 1 second.
Animate Dead: Summons a skeleton that moves to the target position and explodes dealing massive damage

-Added New Hero: Shark King (Melee)
Abilities: Super Shark Bomb: Sends out a shark dealing damage to all enemy units in a line.
Water Tentacle: Summons a water tentacle that will attack and slow nearby enemy units.
Shark Blade: Cuts his enemy with his sword draining away some of his life force restoring hp and slowing movement speed.

-Added New Hero: Sand Demon (Melee)
Abilities: Sand Explosion: Creates a small explosion of sand at a target point damaging all enemy units.
Sandstorm: Conquers an area and summons a sandstorm that will provide bonuses for the team and damage for the enemies.
Sand Breath: Blows sand out of his mouth that damages all enemy units in front oh him.

-Reworked Blademaster’s Wind Slash Ability:
*Thrusts his sword forward damaging enemy units in front of him.
*At the third strike the blademaster unleashes a whirlwind that deals damage and knocks up the first enemy hero hit.

-Added Power-Ups System: Power-Ups randomly spawn in the arena that give certain bonuses.
*Candy = Gives Gold [50-100] & Exp [100-250]
*Small Healing Potion = Restores 20% of HP
*Big Healing Potion = Restores 50% of HP

-Reworked the Blademaster’s Bladestorm Ability because it was causing bugs with bots.
-Fixxed a problem with some hero starting spells not leveling-up.
-Added Weather Effects to some Areas (Abyss, Graveyard, Northern Isle)
-Added Repick System that allows you to repick your hero and start over (You lose allitems). Command: “-repick”
-Added Anti-Selection System = If you accidenly select another unit, it restores your selection back to your hero. ON/OFF Command: “-selection”
-Changed “Learn Skill” hotkey to R so it’s easier and faster to level up abilities when in combat.
-Minor Terrain changes in Battleground Arena that caused bots to get stuck between doodads.

Download: URF v1.08.w3x