ACG Arena v1.4 – Animation Comic Game 1.4

 Map Animation Comic Game v1.4 – ACG Arena 1.4

You can play this map with Other player or Computer (AI+++)

Planning Director: David Cardinal

Triggered Country: BUG devil

Model action: Lions & shoushou

Model Sponsor: Nini & mystery chaos

[Offset] the skills level of skill in this figure is divided into LV1-LV6, when levels of skill with both a meet, the lower level of one of skill will be nullified, if the same level, or one of them is offset each other to produce special effects. But also have some special skills are defensive or attack skills against a single type of skills, such as the bar phantom killer when Ma, he can withstand a high level of magic skills, but can not resist the low-level physical skills, then such part counterattack skills, can withstand a certain level of sprint skills, but they can not resist projecting skills, when two special types of skills have against the other party and kill each other’s characteristics, it depends on who hit who first, so players use Please carefully view the skills described before.

[Skills] divided this figure may collision is divided into three types of skills, namely: physical skills, magic skills and defensive skills, but the skills are also distinguished: projection skills and sprint skills to respond to the needs of some special skills. Physical skills: refers to the entity attacks, such as bullets, slash, body surgery and other substances formed attack. Magic Skills: refers to energy attacks, such as spiral pill, Blaster and other energy form of attack. Defensive skills: refers shield wall a kind of skill that can withstand physical or magic attacks, some special defensive skills can also get rid of the enemy’s defensive skills, defensive skills, but some can only withstand a single type of attack. 

[State] dying hero after blood emptied within five seconds will be in near-death state, during the dying corpse will be generated for some of the skills, such as the resurrection of the effect of the natural cycle of surgery, such as controlling the effect of dirt reincarnation, etc., near truly dead end after dead state. 

[Exclusive] skills when the body has enough timber and money, you can go to the exclusive store to make a purchase, it can not be discarded exclusive, non-selling, exclusive automatic change after substitutions exclusive new role. When the hero wearing their exclusive, will obtain exclusive skills hidden, exclusive skills are divided into two types, namely: the esoteric and awakening. Esoteric: high power output of skills, and their own or their own and the enemy will not be hurt during the skills Oh, but higher cooling time. Awakening: transfiguration class or strengthen class skills, will greatly enhance the transfiguration class awakening ability to transform itself and become extremely large or extremely sensitive, strengthening class is generally very strong complementary capabilities of passive skills. 

[Ling hit counter Spirit strike is a special class props, can be the enemy bounce around and out of control state, in any case, double-click ESC after launch, can be from outside any skills except for esoteric anti-kill, can be purchased from the store, Stacks up to 5. 

[Helper card / unfinished 
This is a special type of equipment, each hero can only wear a card, the card may actively use the appropriate role summon release skills, will produce an enhanced skill partial role assigned to designated card effects or change the effect of esoteric skills, the card is divided into five levels, namely: C grade, grade B, A grade, S grade, SS and SSS grade level, selling price and increase as the level increases.