AFB_1.3.w3x – Anime Final Battle v1.3

Map Anime Final Battle v1.3 – AFB_1.3.w3x by Tsuna Sawada

Anime Final Battle – AFB 1.3 changelog:

AFB 1.3 Release.
New hero
Itachi kiilua zoro goku
1.change omashu skiil R Cast distance900→1200
2.fix natsu W and F Hotkey
3.fix rikuo and Chelia model
4.change nero hero model
5.add yaya skill WRTF damage
6.change toma and kamito skill Q (no hero stop and add Cast distance)
7.change boss Tobiichi Origami
8.Naruto skill R add slow
9.if tournament bug(Heroes have not returned to base) u can input order ‘check’.
10.change toma skill e (passive)Trigger interval≥5sleast
11.change toma agi→str
12.fix very much bbuugg!

Category: Hero Arena

Tileset: Sunken Ruins

Dimensions: 160×160

Playable Area: 154×149

Recommended Players:Anime Fan

Size: 7985.9 KB

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