Anime Battle Royal 4.9 (Animation fighter)

Map Anime Battle Royal v4.9 (Animation fighter) by chinese member

Fixed Joan exclusive mismatch.

Yan secret sword back cooldown reduced to four ten seconds.

Three times the upper limit of energy is amended as 300W.

Joan Silver shootings continued to target the invincible magic-free.

The flag of St. Joan of Arc invincible armor ignoring damage disappears.

Fixed Jeanne my God this is not provided for his teammates invincible armor and life issues recovery.

Joan’s secret modify the effect of rising track results.

Fujiwara sister Societies restore mana 50 percent of the resurrection.

Fixed Karna Brahma after it hits the ground without cover damage bonus issue.

Other details of the changes.

Category: Hero Arena

Tileset: Sunken Ruins

Dimensions: 192×192

Playable Area: 172×172

Recommended Players: 2v2v2v2 3v3 4v4

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