Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.29B changelog

Map Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.29B changelog:

-All buildable Shops now sell item upgrades.

-Skulls that spread Blight and Inferno stones have been added to Tomb of Relics.

-Warden now has caster arc UI.

-Murloc island Strait now traversable.

-Malygos got a slight move speed nerf Move.

-Murloc Super Mutants now cost 20g, up from 15.

-SW barracks rotated back.

-Custom Arcane Guardian Removed.

-Stonemaul Magi got a health buff.

-Alterac tree moved.

-The Bird queen got slightly moved forward.

-Balnzazzar level 18 always when he spawn.

-Fixed some wall walking in Zul’Aman.

-Boralus renamed Kul’Tiras.

-Tortolla is no longer mechanical.

Personal Comment:

The Tier 1 Mastery are not done but since there are some important map stability changes in the version, It seems wrong to hold these backs due to me not really working on the map due to my exam the 15th. So enjoy these changes that should make the map load and handle better aswell as hopefully not drop 1 person on the loading screen 40% of the time.

Download: Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.29B.w3x