Chronicles of Anime 1.3 – CoA v1.3.w3x

Map Chronicles of Anime v1.3 – CoA v1.3.w3x by Ahmad Taqiuddin

New Map Of CoA v1.3 Released


  • Improved Luffy
  • Improved Kid Buu
  • improved Death the Kid
  • Rebalance Blackbeard
Add Characters:
– Esdeath
– Kaoru Akashi
– Mikoto Misaka
Add Area Bosses:
– Kaguya Ootsutsuki
– Asura Kishin

P/S :

  • Put CoA v1.3.w3x to Warcraft III/Maps/
  • Put CoA_Package.mix file into Warcraft III folder. Dont put in map…

-The downloaded file contains a package mix file, drop it in the warcraft III main folder together with the game launchers “.exe”.

-Report some glitches or errors, send me feedbacks about the game

Battle Arena Mode

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