Dota 6.85k changelog

Get Dota v6.85k Allstars.w3x map download and changelog by DracoLich

Dota 6.85k changelog:

  • Fixed fatal error with Syllabear
  • Fixed fatal error with Winter Wyvern
  • Fixed issues with Alchemist morph causing it’s malfunction sometimes
  • Fixed Shadow Demon’s Aghanim didn’t improve it’s ultimate
  • Circle of Power can no longer sell consumables
  • Fixed Spiritbreaker issues with item usage while Charging
  • Fixed Land mines blowing on corpses
  • Fixed Shrapnel incorrect recharge time for the very first charge
  • Fixed Skeleton Walk gave 11% more movespeed than should
  • Fixed Song of the Siren affects Roshan
  • Fixed a few typos

Dota 6.85j changelog:


    • Fixed fatal error if Duel ends while one of participants cannot be attacked
    • Fixed bug with buying items while allied courier being dead
    • Fixed incorrect selling cost for consumables when sold via Circle of Power
    • Fixed rare bug with infinity duration of Borrowed Time
    • Fixed Toss could pick Roshan as a projectile
    • Fixed Shackleshot didn’t granted assist
    • Fixed rare case when Aghanim’d Chakram being restored via dropping Aghanim and running away
    • Fixed issues with Gem visuals
    • Fixed buyback texts
    • Removed Tempest Double’s duration bar due to issues with Manta Style

Thanks for everyone who reported these things

Download: dota685k.w3x (7.9 MB)

RGC map: Dota v6.85k RGC  – DotA v6.85k Allstars RGC.w3x