Scourge-Nerubian Overhaul 1.42
“For the Spider Kingdom!”

Lordaeron the aftermath v1.42 – LORDAERON: TA 1.42 changelog
ETA: 05/01/2016

Scourge is down as one of the factions in need of attention to increase its appeal and popularity, many people have pointed to how your Nerubian event forces your army of iconic Scourge units, like Necromancers and Abominations, to be swapped by bugs and how the whole faction becomes too orientated around the Nerubian theme.
This Nerubian look was originally added to give Sourge some distinction between other undead factions but has met with negative criticism, so in light of this a rework of the Nerubian event is in order. People have suggested we allow limited production of Nerubian units, making some of them into semi-elites, although I agree we this it still dosnt really make the Scourge faction anymore interesting or fun to play.

The following changes are intended to rework the Nerubian content in a way that dosnt completely force Scourge to focus on Nerubian theme but also provides some new tactics while tying in all aspects of their techtree, it also provides us with more characterisation and importance on Anub’arak, the fallen king.

– Scourge no longer starts off with Anub’Arak or any Nerubian forces.

– Once the Frozen Throne is repaired Nerz’hul can order Anub’Arak to emerge from his underground burrows along with a small force. He will introduce himself with some cinematic dialogue.

– Arak starts off at the same level of Arthas, so if your position in Northrend is secure then consider leveling Arthas up before summoning the Spider King. (Arak’s minimum starting level is 4).

– When Arak enters Azjol-Nerub: More cinematic dialogue is triggered

– Moving further into the Old Kingdom, Arak is greated with some of his followers, who emerge from the caverns.
(This all helpes create a flow and charactisation as you slowly buildup your nerubian forces and more reason for us to include campaign dialogue!)

– Azjol-Nerub is now conquered by killing Nadox not the capital (This makes it easier and less chance of accidently destroying Azjol Buildings.)

– Scourge keeps his Abominations and Necromancers.

– All 4 Nerubian unit types are limited to 10 each and can only be trained at the 3 Nerubian Hives within Azjol.

– Once Nerubian Sorcery upgrade is complete Anub’Arakk can channel the Arcane power of the ancient city of Azjol Nerub, creating a conduit between it and himself. While the conduit is open any units trained within Azjol are channeled to the Spider King.
It does not act like a waygate, so armies can not instantly appear! The flow of units will be steady, as if you were producing them from 3 Barracks. Arakk must channel the ability and can be interupted via stuns, this ability replaces his old Blink.

This allows us to combine some interesting tactics for Scourge along with the Nerubian theme without replacing his whole army with bugs, it also links Anub in nicely with Azjol’Nerub and helps Scourge defend large areas, which is something they always struggle with. Hopefuly this will allow players to better split their army between Arak with his Nerubians and Arthas and his regular undead army, allowing Scourge to fight at multiple locations and perform various flanks.

Amongst the other points I’ve mentioned it’s my hope that this may help relieve some of Scourges reliance on their Cult ally, which is a major drawback of the Faction. Now onto fixing another drawback…

– Scourges final chance:
LORE SPECULATION: “Its been confirmed as official cannon that Anub’Arrack is an unwilling servant of Ner’zhul, just like Forsaken was. It’s not known why Arakk didnt gain his free will like Sylvanas did when Illidan cracked the Frozen Throne, one theory is that he never leaves Northrend where the Lich Kings powers are strongest. But it is highly likely Arrack would turn against his master if he could and a similiar splinter group would then be created like the Forsaken.

Whether a freed Nerubian faction would ever join the Forsaken is speculation, but Sylvanas is less than scrupilous with where she finds allies and although the Aqir seek the eradication of all non-insectoid life, they are an intelligent species and their desperate situation could prompt them to consider humanoid allies.”

– If Ner’zhul is destroyed and Azjol Nerub still stands then Anub Arrak and the fallen Nerubians regain their free will and break away from the now mindless and neutral hostile undead. The Fallen Nerubian faction are deeply tied to the city of Azjol and can only build units there and have a maximum army size of 40 units. They will be heavily reliant on the Conduit spell to bring in reinforcements to the surface world. Their new elite is the Anub’ar Prophet.

– Previously if the Frozen Throne died then Forsaken gained Nadox, nut now if Forsaken is alive, has not gone Putress or Nerzhul path she gains an ally in the Fallen Nerubians.

This helps allieviate the problem of Scourge having no second chance, which was another thing which put people off. Scourge has even more incentive now to protect Azjol Nerub as losing it will cut off their last chance path. This is a very limited last chance option and no further events will be added to it.

Other Changes in 1.42:
(More changes to follow)

– Farstriders have reduced attack damage.

– Damage of stun shards has been greatly reduced and CD increased.

– Legions Infernals also require Demonic Supremacy (should limit the Outland Rush)

– Scourge can train Valkyr at Valkyron

– Dramatic music now only plays when Arthas sucesfully merges with Lich King not just when he uses the ability.

– A healing campfire has been placed near the enterance to Highlands to improve Dragomaws resistance to a rush.

– Empowered Sylvanas can no longer ally Cult.

– AOE of Sylvanas’s empowered attacks has been reduced.

– Dark Hordes Fel Stalkers have increaseed attack.

– Smoulderthorn path no longer keeps Malak

– Pit Lords no longer require the Pitlord Fel Pact upgrade.

– The pathing in the mountain areas of Khaz modan have been improved so heroes cant blink there.

– Legion can no loger suicide their OUTER dreanor rifts to stop Dark Horde getting their events.

– Cost of Astral teleportation upgrade increased from 200 to 300g

– Legion has 2 less Infernals at the Nagrand gate.

– Siege machines Legion gains from demonic supremacy upgrade decreased from 4 to 3.

– Dark Horde has a campire and gaurd tower at the enterance to Blackrock to help halt rushes.

– Mind controled Garithos can no longer create human bases with summon workers.

– Fixed pathing around Hellfire bridges

– Dark Hordes Doom Cannon limit reduced from 10 to 8

– Dark Horde towers no longer have summoned armour

– Healing wave on Troll and Dalaran elites has been standardised, now bounces 5 times, heals 200 each target. This gives an even spread of healing power accross alot of targets instead of concentrated healing on just afew. CD has been increased from 10 seconds to 35 to reduce endless healing of hero squads