Lordaeron the aftermath 1.41 changelog

This is the first batch of 1.40 bug fixes and balance changes, more will follow in the next few days! This fix patch will be released within an hours.

Lordaeron the aftermath 1.41 – LORDAERON: TA v1.41 changelog:
– Fixed bug where Sylvanas would go neutral passive after being empowered.

– Scourges graveyard mission dialogue no longer clashes with the starting cinematic dialogue

– Total damage of proto drakes molten spray has been reduced.

– Dragonmaw can ow use their faction paths

– Increased build time of doom cannons, build costs also increased to match siege machines

– Arch Necros sanctuary spell now requires the proper Naxx Heart

– Costs of Fel Mauarader and fel riders ahve been changed so the total unit cost is the same when converted together.

– Fel Riders cost +2 gold and have +75 hp.

– Dark Horde towers no longer have small armour.

– Opening the Dark portal no longer disables itself if the player had previously attemtped to cast it without being near gate.

– Unit linit for Netherling hatchlings is set to 12 for Dark Horde.

– Trained infernals food cost increased from 2 to 3.

– Saidan summons the correct summon militia peasants instead of normal human workers.

– Lord and Savior Garithos also has summon workers item.

– Warsong hold no longer spawns with 1 HP

– DH no longer starts with Fel Cores

– Smoulderthorn Priests Mana burn now requires priest training

– Knowledge of Karabor now states what it does.

– DH has +2 Fel riders at Hellfire Citadel

– Hellfire Citadel now has the Hellfire Storm defensive ability.

– Dragonmaw player can type -stop or -stop shake if he gets the shakey cam bug until we work out whats causing it.

– Dark Horde no longer has access to human upgrades in tempest keep.

– Dark Horde and Dragonmaw lose alliance status if Smoulderthrns are triggered.

– If Nefarian dies he no longer spawns power levels at the location where he dies.

Download: Lordaeron TA v1.41.w3x