Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.31C changelog

Map Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.31C changelog
-Tier 1 Mastery choices for all players added.
-New Orange Mechanic: The Council of Six.
-New Kodo Unit for Pink.
-New Lunara Icon.
-New Murky Icon.
-A player leaving the game will now say ”Left the Game” in the Multiboard rather than the name of the Faction and an X.
-The Multiboard will now update every two seconds instead of every second. (Might be some lagg with it).

-Basic unit upgrades now cost 50 less gold.
-Gates now have 10000 Health (Standard was 2500, some had 5000).
-The Skybreaker and Orgrim’s Hammer got their health nerfed by 1000 but now only cost 1000 gold and lumber.
-Feral Spirit now has +200 health
-Watch Towers now have Fortified Armor, from Heavy Armor.
-Sgt Doomhammer can now attack air in Stationary form.
-Shadowtooth Champions now have 800 range, up from 500.
-Call: Warg (Green) now lasts 90 seconds, up from 30.
-Black Dragons now have 600 range, up from 300.
-Sobi masks mana regen nerfed from 25% to 15%.
-Gnomish Terminators now have 30% splash, down from 50%.
-Archbishops no longer have true sight.
-Archbishops now train at the same speed as other units.
-Halved the range on Murloc Dash attack.
-Searing Gorge Keep Removed.

-Restored vision to the game mode voting area.
-Nighthaven can now be used to return lumber.
-Gnomish Terminators now have unit inventory.
-Pink is now the only one who gets the Orgrimmar message.
-Items that can be upgraded now refere to ”shops” and not Goblin shops.
-All 1% unique upgrades are now turned off for second chances.
-Purity of Form bug fixed.
-Naval Straits now have text reflect that they give 10g/per, just like control points.
-Nefarians title is now Son of Deathwing.

Personal Comment:

24 new and unique upgrades. Hopefully reduced Loading screen DC and many new unit plat styles opened up. I know I will be trying out alot of 6v6 which is very fun for all parties.

1.31B Released:

Yellow Water Tank replaced with right version.
Teal Roar from Mastey Fixed.
Blue killing himself fixed.

Download: Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.31D.w3x