Pudge Wars – MAFIA 1.3 AI

Map Pudge Wars – MAFIA v1.3 AI.w3x Created by Shanghai

Changelog v1.3
New link model
Some balancing

You Can play this map with other Player or Computer (AI+++)

Pudge Wars – MAFIA is made by Shanghai. Its diffrent then other Pudge Wars. With help from AProject this map become finished.

There was a tournament where only the best butchers would win. So Pudge joined the tournament. They did say only the best butcher could win. He become a legend in another game, you know what game im talking about. But in this game he could become the best. So who will be the best butcher? Lets fight!

The gameplay is different from others Pudge Wars. Try to get the right items for your hero. And hook the enemies. This is a team play. You play with 5 vs 5. The best will win. There is a blink spell to make the game more intresting. Also there is an AI added to the game. Try to get away from the hooks to survive.

There are 2 different modes. -kills/-x and -deathmatch/dm. Type the – and the amount of X-kills. or deathmatch mode -dm or – deathmatch.

Download: Pudge Wars – MAFIA v1.3.w3x