Anime Final Battle v1.8a full changelog

Map Anime Final Battle 1.8a – AFB_1.8a.w3x full changelog:

☆ AFB 1.8a ☆

1. Rogue Cheney G Fix cooldown.
2. Archer T Fix to Saitama.
3. Akame T Fix to boss.
4. Akame F Fix 2 time.
5. Akame R,T Fix stun.
6. Konno Yuuki R,T,F Fix stun.
7. Zeref Dragneel E Fix Change 0 mana and invincible period 1.5 sec.
8. Uchiha Itachi R Fix damange.
9. Alibaba Q,R Add range. 900 → 1100
10. Laxus Dreyar W Fix speed, to enemy.

Tsuna need a vacation…

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