Animation Comic Game v1.6a

Map Animation Comic Game v1.6a – ACG Arena 1.6a AI

You can play this map with Other player or Computer (AI+++)

Paddy fields Q skills to reduce the maximum distance 1400 Remove stand-alone mode. Because some force majeure, changes to the text is lost, and the rest can not change a complete description. Unfortunately, the next will pay attention. Meanwhile celebration of the first game Arena perfect curtain call!Following is a member of the top three teams: the winning team

<Fairy Tail>: Captain: Naz team: Gray Thrall, Texas Mubarak runner-up team — <33 adorable new>: Captain: Sasagawa Ryohei players : Emiya Dian Shi Lang, Various Artists | concerto third place team


Planning Director: David Cardinal

Triggered Country: BUG devil

Model action: Lions & shoushou

Model Sponsor: Nini & mystery chaos