Hero Siege RPG v0.20 ALPHA.w3x

Map Hero Siege RPG v0.20 ALPHA.w3x by Eat_Bacon_Daily

  • Category: Hero Defense
  • Tileset: Dalaran Ruins
  • Dimensions: 96×160
  • Playable Area: 84×148
  • Recommended Players: 5
  • Size: 7725 KB
-5 unique heroes
-6 abilities per hero
-5 completely unique hero evolutions
-Custom items
-Custom item classes (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary)
-Scripted Boss Battles
-Custom waves
-No Grind
-Tower Defenses
-Secret Rooms
-At least 4 ultimate style spells per hero
-Unique environments for each Chapter
-and much much more!


Arthas Abilities
[IMG] [IMG] Bless (Q): Deals damage and Heals
[IMG] Guards (W): Summons a Minion
Defensive Stance (E): Periodically Heals
Devotion Aura: Grants Bonus Armor
[IMG] [IMG]Curse (D): Deals Damage and Heals Nearby
[IMG]Damned Servant (Q): Summons a Minion
[IMG]Unending Servitude (W): Periodically Heals
[IMG]Resiliance Aura: Grants Bonus Armor
[IMG]Wrath of the Lich King (R): Grants and Deals Damage


Sylvanas Abilities
[IMG] Resolve (D): Grants immunity and attack speed.
Shockwave (Q): Deals damage in a line
[IMG]Orb of Annihilation (W): Grants damage and splash
Critical Strike: Gives a chance to multiply damage
[IMG] [IMG]Vengeance (D): Grants immunity and attack speed
[IMG]Malice (Q): Deals damage in a line
[IMG]Banshee Arrow (W): Grants Bonus attack and Splash
[IMG]Echoing Strike: Gives a Chance to multiply damage
[IMG]Forsaken Fury (R): Summons ghosts of Sylvanas to fight


Grom Abilities
[IMG] [IMG]Furylust (D): Grants splash damage
War Stomp (Q): Damages and stuns nearby enemies
[IMG] Cry of the Hoard (W): Damages and slows nearby enemies
Bash: Grants a chance to stun enemies
[IMG] [IMG]Chaotic Rage (D): Grants temporary splash and damage
[IMG]Warsong Warcry (Q): Stuns, slows and damages enemies
[IMG]Dreadful Echoes (W): Weakens and damages enemies
[IMG]Crushing Blow: Gives a chance to stun increase damage
[IMG]Omnilash (R): Deals repeated damage to a target


Malfurion Abilities
[IMG] Remorse (D): Damages and stuns a target
[IMG]Overgrowth (Q): Slows, damages and buffs an area
[IMG]Imbue (W): Heals multiple allies
Brilliance Aura: Grants mana regeneration
[IMG] [IMG]Remorse (D): Deals damage and stuns
[IMG]Dawnwing (Q): Summons a hawk with passive benefits
[IMG]Blessing of the Wild (W): Heals multiple allies
[IMG]Wisdom: Grants various permanent bonuses
[IMG]Emerald Dream (R): Creates illusions of a target


Illidan Abilities
[IMG] [IMG]Hatred: Grants stacking damage bonus
Entangling Roots (Q): Immobilizes and damages target
Immolation (W): Damages nearby units periodically
Vampiric Aura: Grants melee lifesteal
[IMG] [IMG]Festering Hatred: Grants stacking damage bonus
[IMG]Demonic Grasp (Q): Jumps to target, while immobilizing it
[IMG]Eternal Blaze (W): Deals periodic damage nearby
[IMG]Magic Thirst (E): Grants temporary damage and life steal
[IMG] Metamorphosis (R): Grants range, damage and stats

Single Player Option

Playing in single player will spawn a secret item for you at the start. This item will not spawn in multiplayer. It is important to note that single player is not properly balanced, but still allows the game to be playable.

Download: Hero Siege RPG v0.20 ALPHA.w3x