The last battle 3.6.5

Map The last battle v3.6.5 – New WOW 3.6.5 Armageddon by Smiling De Devil

This is based on a competitive world of warcraft game, then there are some of the characteristics which have a strong degree of freedom allowed players to dig.
You can buy battlefield equipment, PVP, PVE, synthesis equipment, loading effects, etc., you may also need to enchant their weapons, depending on the needs of the battlefield with the team combination, to create his own routines. Complex terrain, allows you to experience rich encounters, featuring boss, allows you to experience the thrill of killing looting, along with the war drama with music, will also be a new look, different elements ability, attack is the best auxiliary supplies retreat

Finally, more features will be added, we need comments players. Original team members before the blue feather, down to earth, and strive for excellence.

Password All Games: (upper or lower case support recognition)

-ap (free select mode)

-rd (tactical selection mode)

-sc (query complement knife number)

-vp (Heroic comprehensive evaluation)

-ma (query enemy Hero Information)

– ms (query hero movement speed)

-apm (operating in the query)

-kick01-10 (vote kick)

-sj (randomly selected hero get extra coins)

-jh + space + floor (swap heroes with the players)

-sy-sy1-sy2 (adjust the lens height)

-TZ (open group battle mode)

-roll (random lucky number)

-GD (query block value) …

Download: WOW 3.6.5.w3x