ATS 4.9f changelog

Map Anime Team Survival 4.9f.w3x – ATS 4.9f created by Mindarms

The Official Version of Anime Team Survival 4.9v update and changelog

1. News Command can be check in F9.
2. Some Hero Item Skill CD Reduced or Up.
3. Dual Key Blade New Skill Effect Added.
4. Element Wings Reworked Stats and Effect.
5. When Inori and Archer is die, the Item Skill Casting is automatically Canceled.
6. All The hero that was not clickable is fixed now.
7. Need Defeat the Guardian on the entrance of lost temple for enter Kami Sanctuary.
8. Only The Same Team can Enter the Training Zone that have in your Side.
9. -ATS Command is Reworked now need wait 30 second to die.
10. Arena Mode News Monster has been Reworked.
11. The Arena Mode have new spawned of monsters.
12. Asuna Skill Visual Effect Changed, [ATS 5.0 Asuna Rework Confirmed]
13. Natsu Character Skill Fixed
14. New Music Ost ATS 4.9v changed from 4.9b Beta
15. Training Zone Fixed
16. Shinobu R normal Form Lag Fixed
17. Anime Team Survival 4.9v map Lag Reduced 30%
18. Ban System Added to 4.9v Map
19. -Akama [R] Inmortal Object Effect Added
20. -Yoshino [R] Ice Nerf
21. -Kotori [R] Effect Changed
22. -Kotori [Q] Damage Reduced
23. -Yaya [Q] Fix
24. -Est [R] Fix
25. -Items Cannot Be Shared by Team or Enemy
26. Asuna Agility Stats Beginning has been increased 50+
27. New ATS Item Skill Icon.
28. [Origami is a not Playable Hero in this version]
29. ATS Classic Zone Reworked from Beta.
30. Pots Has been automatically removed from Duel Time.
31. Ichigo New Getsuga Hollow Mask Effect
32. [ATS Hero Unlockable]
-Shana [Reworked]

33. How can obtain Password?
Need Play in all Game with Friends or Enemy,The Password can not showing if you play a single player or use tricks like whosyourdaddy.
for Obtain 3 of this different password need defeat Kami-Sama in the Lost Temple.
The password percent can you obtain depend what mode you will play like this [Classic Mode 50%] For Obtain [Arena Mode 25%].
so Enjoy this Guide!

Here ATS 4.9f [Fix Version] – Anime Team Survival 4.9f changelog
Now you can play in Multiplayer for these Guys that have 1% Problem
War3 1.24 – 1.27
———-Bug that was Fixed———–

34.Arena Creeps Exp Increase 40%
35.Akame Agility and Strengh Stats are Increase 2xLevel
36.Icon Stats is Changed
37.Last 2 Wave is Changed for Fix Lag
38.-ATS Command is Fixed
39.Miyuki and Shiro can banned now
40.New Ost Added
41.Hero Skill Lag Fixed
42.Music Command Lag Fixed

Enjoy it!