Random Anime Skill v26 changelog

Map Random Anime Skill – v26.w3x (+8mb) created by BR member (August/26/2016)

Version: Silver (3 News / 2 New Hero)
New Character:
1 – Gon
2 – Aizen News: Removed bug last hero released in select mode (Can not select 2 times)

  • Arumado the problem of galaxy created by Erza (Dummy)
  • Arumado the Kamehameha the problem created by Goku (Dummy)
  • Improved the difficulty for a hero out of the map (Some bugs)
  • Added the BOSS Enel (More emotion)

Suggested by: MegaRaide
To remove or put the Saitama in RAS, please refer to your Menu (F9) when at stake, for the commands
Download: Random Anime Skill v26.w3x