Anime Battle Royal v5.4

Map Anime Battle Royal v5.4 – dmldv5.4.w3x (Animation fighter) by chinese member

Update and changelogs v5.4:

1. The effects will trigger in / Shana [trial] may have hurt the enemy.
2. Lane / redo Shana fly inflammation effect.
3. Fixed the problem directly after Joan of Arc [HL of the Virgin] release of death.
4. God split fire fabric exclusive to cancel the effect of increasing the whole property of 100 points.
5. Fixed fire saints under God split mode effect ineffective immune death issue.
6. [Golden Apple] taunt effect increased from the scope of the 400-800.
7. Fixed a problem after the death of HL chaos can be selected.
8. Add new hero Ma repair.

Remember, do not free to use Shinra day syndrome, which will pit teammate, beat to death because if you put across to the opposite saved, sometimes teammate skills when you take a man away empty out the skills of his teammates.