ACG Arena 1.723 changelog

 Map Animation Comic Game v1.723 – ACG Arena 1.723 AI changelog and update

You can play this map with Other player or Computer (AI+++)

1.The cooldown of Zaraki’D has been increased to 60 seconds.
2.Tohno’s skill W’s preparation time has been increased,and the max range of W has been decreased.
3.Madoka’s cooldown of W and F and G has been increased of 10 seconds.
4.The damage of Krillin’s R has been decreased to AGI*46.
The stun of T’s small ball(1 ball to more ball,it refers to more ball)has been decreased to 0.5 second.
The cooldown of F has been increased to 60 seconds.
The Bug of missing direction of R has been fixed.
5.The stun of Yuuka’s first hit W has been decreased to 0.5s,while the stun of second hit W has been decreased to 1.5 second.
The level of Yuuka’s F has been decreased to LV2.
E can be stopped by stun,and its cooldown has been decreased to 38s.
6.The effect of Kiritsugu’s R has been decreased to 10s,not forever.
7.The level of Kyo(not evil)’s E cannot be influenced by unique item(LV2 Forever)
8.The stun of NorthStar’s F has been increased to 1.2 second.
9.The text of Shana’s G has been fixed,and G will damage her teammates.
The cooldown of Shana’s E has been increased to 25 seconds.
The cooldown of Shana’s Q has been increased to 13 seconds.
The strength of Shana has been decreased of 8.(It will change the effect of E)
PS:The E’s effect is depending on Shana’s Str and the target’s str,if shana’s is larger,it will pull the target,else it will pull Shana.
The max HP of Shana has been decreased of 1000.
10.Sinon’s F will reset the cooldown of T.Large range(Sniper)Q’s damage has been increased to 16*AGI.
The bug of skills can be used in forbidden place has been fixed.
11.The cooldown of Yato’s W has been increased to 30 seconds.
12.Nanaya cannot make animation Stop by F.The F will always pause himself.
The stun of all Nanaya’s skills has been decreased.
The AoE of Q(not Dash Q and ban ESC Q)has been decreased to 200.