Anime Fantasy 1.1

Map Anime Fantasy v1.1.w3x created by Nookaiser

Have fun boys, but expect bugs to show up since I had to rework some system triggers after all. Expect a lot of updates with fixes soon.

From author map (Nookaiser:
If someone sends me first a replay in which 6 people beat Kenshiro in a legit way (without abusing any potential bug that I don’t know about), those 6 people will get a special name/rank/effect attached to them in the next version, if they want to.
(obviously, this doesn’t apply for any of the testers)
Fixed another 5 million bugs and made Yamamoto’s [T] lag less. Ichigo is now completed.
Balance changes:
Jellal’s [T] AoE increased 450->600.
Jellal’s [F] attack speed bonus increased 50%->100%. (the buff is back, deal with the override effects until the item rework)
Jellal’s requirement for no pause [T] reduced 160->130 AGI.
Jellal’s AGI per level gain increased 1.5->1.8.
Gokudera’s base HP reduced 450->300 and base armor reduced 3->2.
Gokudera’s switch cooldown increased 1->2.5 seconds.
Neji’s [Q] range reduced by 30%.
Neji’s [T] cast range reduced 300->150.
Kirito’s STR gain per level increased 1.6->2.0 and AGI per level increased 2->2.5.
Natsu’s [R] cast range reduced 200->100.
Gildarts’ [R] cast range reduced 250->50.
Kenpachi’s [T] cooldown increased 50->80 seconds.

AF 1.1 progress:

1. New character
Skills completed: 11/12
Transfer to the main map — 40%

2. Existing char small reworks
Minato bijuu mode 0/6
Ichigo full finish 0/3

3. Item rework:
Rings – 0%
Weapons – 0%
Armors – 0%

4. Alpha testing / Bug fixes —

Download: Anime Fantasy v1.1.w3x (19082.82 kB – downloaded 3215 times.)
AF Pack.mix: