Anime Team Survival v5.0

MapĀ Anime Team Survival 5.0.w3x – ATS 5.0f created by Mindarms

5.0v Update

1.Holy Legend Sanctuary Mechanical Work 100%
2.Hero Playable Yuuki,Rem and Angelica
3.Asuna New Item Skill Only When are Yuuki in your team together
4.Shiki Rework Skill Animation Q
5.Shiki Skill R will be replaced by another one.
6.Fix The Bug if have from 5.0beta

5.0b Update Basically the 5.0 version

1.New UI Added
2.New Loading Screen that is the same with the 5.0v when is release
3.New Ost Added [Quantity 13]
4.Classic Mode is Reworked
5.Arena Mode is Reworked
6.New Mode in Arena Mode Added
[Score Kill Mode] —> New
[Base Defense] —> Old
7.Kami Land Guardian is Changed for another one.
8.Holy Legend Sanctuary The Mechanical will Only Work 50%
9.F9 Description Update
10.Selection of Character is Reworked
11.The 4th Wave of Apocalyptic is Changed by Rem
12.Miyuki Skill is Fixed [The One That Make Fatal Error]
13.Misaka Q Change Animation and Damage
14.2 New Item Added Class S+
15.The Unknown Box is a Unique Item that you can find in Kami Temple
16.Miyuki,Shiro and Shanna not need Password now
17.Saber [Artoria Pendragon] Model is Changed
18.Hero Portrait Added
19.Some Character are Fixed