Saint Seiya Hades v1.397

Map Saint Seiya Hades Defense v1.397 – Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary version 1.397 – new_SDS1.397.w3x

Map support any platform, in order to save space map has been deleted unnecessary BOSS

Update instructions:
☆ This version is completed on the eve of Christmas, the follow-up to increase the number of things tested for a long time after the perfect BUG so now officially released
☆ Map download in the forum to download a 8MB patch can be, because the map size of more than 8MB, If the platform does not need to play patch
☆ Support any platform, any local area network (provided that the need for non-platform to play 8MB patch)
☆ Increase the new hero – the holy clothing fairy – instant
☆ Modify the Andromeda rotation defense effect
☆ Increase the new hero – Silver Saint Seiya – Lizard Block – Diesses
☆ Modified ** with the sword of the sword icon
☆ To add a new hero – sea witch – Su Rang ☆ increase the Christmas scene
☆ Increase the Christmas props – Christmas hat (6 snowball can be synthesized)
☆ Increase the Christmas clothes (5 Christmas cap can be synthesized ) ☆ increase the new scene – heaven chapter
☆ Increase the new world 3 BOSS

☆ Beat Hades can choose to continue to challenge into the new drama articles to challenge the moon
☆ Moon in the specified time Challenge success is directly involved in the sun god fighting
☆ Increase a wild Shaguai task
☆ Cancel the far field command
☆ This presentation is only about the introduction, the details also please experience the game, more wonderful not to be missed! Hurry up and everyone to fight it

Download: new_SDS1.397.w3x (19227.48 kB – downloaded 3245 times.)