Anime Prototype v1.7 fix2

Map ★ Anime Prototype v1.7 fix 2 ★

-Emiya Shirou 〔Archer FGO〕
-Emiya Shirou 〔UBW〕
-Ryougi Shiki 〔Saber〕
-Mysterious Heroine X
-Elizabeth Bathory
-Rin Tohsaka

New Heroes

Jeanne d’Arc 〔Alter)

Levi Ackerman

[Fix and Changes]

-Jack the Ripper “W” Fix
-Jack the Ripper

-Re Lock Okita(Sakura Saber)

-Thunder Helm Version X Damage effect to 100% (Ignoring armor resistance) Rebound damage increased to 150% (Ignoring armor resistance) and reflect the magic exemption effect

-Necklace of the Rain Version X The silence effect is reduced from 3 sec to 1.5 sec
-Necklace of the Rain Version X Casting distance from 1100 → 700 AoE distance from 700 → 500

-Optimize triggers to reduce downtime and increase carrier speed
-Modification of the two rituals will not fight back against invincible enemies

-Special Item 9k sound ¡Is back!


-Put AP ModelPack v1.7.MIX in your folder Warcraft III

-Remember to delete old .MIX (To avoid mistakes)


AP ModelPack v1.7 MIX: