BVO New World 3.0 changelog

BVO New World 3.0 released and full changelog here
This map Release Date : 07 June 2017
Map by : 1st-[Dear]

Full Changelog v3.0:

– Add Mihawk
– Add Hidan
– Add Evil Ichigo
– Add Sanji
– Add Zabuza
– Add Yoruichi
– Add Lucci

– Add new mode -max set end game score to 999.
– Add permanent bonus item.
– Add Healing Potion item.
– Add new boss (Drop Dinive Sword and Ghost Ring item).
– All item in event area will move to the center after end event.
– New stacking item system (item can stacking like Healing Potion, Elixir).
– Deidara (C0) suicide himself.
– More heroes balance.

– Fix -ds mode from end game score x3 to x2.
– Fix hp bar of model.
– Fix bug disconnect when any player come into the gate.
– Fix bug Elixir vanish when dropping.
– Fix bug Neji show hide-ability icon.
– Fix bug Red Hawk.
– Fix bug King Kong Gun.

Update new version: BVO New World v4.0