Dota map 6.88t9 RGC changelog

Changes made in Beta-maps are totally unordered and could miss small things or stuff normal players aren’t interested in (optimization, etc).


  • Fixed random desync issue (?)
  • Fixed shared Bottle charge wasn’t updated to smooth healing and being outdated in general
  • Quelling Blade and Battle Fury bonus damage now stackable again (Dota2 style)


  • Fixed Doom didn’t prevent unit from using inventory
  • Fixed Doom (Agh) applying permanent silence if doesn’t kill the target in time
  • Fixed Suicide Squad Attack didn’t benefit of Spell Amplify bonuses
  • Fixed visual counters on skills not updating fast enough
  • Added level indicator and flickering to Rabid, Bloodlust buffs
  • Added level indicator to Burning Spears debuff
  • Fixed Inner Vitality duration stacking
  • Fixed leveling issue with Vampiric Aura when toggled to hero-only
  • Game will be automatically closed after every non-single player game to avoid crashes


  • All the same as t6, literally, just for RGC.


  • Reduced chance of random fatal error
  • Double click helper no longer mess with item’s abilities
  • Temporary disabled advanced neutral AI
  • Fixed incorrect attack animation on some units
  • Fury Swipes damage now being added directly to attack damage instead of separate instance
  • Fixed stacking Quell effect from Battle fury and Quelling Blade
  • Battle Fury’s Quell now amplifies whole damage instead of white numbers only (half-revert of the latest Quell nerf), bonus reduced from 60% to 45%


  • Fixed ensnare could cause creeps to stuck
  • Fixed bug with Buybacking from shared Circle of power
  • Fixed bug with stacking regeneration
  • Fixed “Save game” menu causing player to stuck
  • Improved ensnare-bassed skills in common
  • Improved bottom sentinel’s creeps waypoints
  • Attack visuals can now alter randomly from normal to slam
  • Side Shop will no longer allow to buy Magic Stick if you have no slots available
  • Neutral’s Resistance aura icon moved to another slot
  • Added 5s cooldown to -lat command
  • Added -dmg test chat command to display damage values
  • Added chat command “-smartattack” (disabled by default) – whenever you order to attack ground while this command enabled, unit will chose closest target to the targeted point instead of normal attack priority
  • Added chat command -betterfps to improve FPS (won’t make any difference if you already use lowest settings possible)
  • Fog dissipating speed improved to maximum (affects visual effects only, doesn’t affect gameflow)
  • Added hotkey settings for tower’s AoE and neutral’s spawn boxes highlight into config.dota
  • Fixed config’s setting ‘Dota2HP bars’ didn’t work


  • Quelling now only affects white (base) damage
  • Couriers no longer provides experience
  • Fixed Boots of Travel possible targeting issue
  • Fixed teleportation visuals for hovering heroes
  • Fixed yet another bug about ward stacking


  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment extra damage in some cases
  • Essence Aura now triggers on Arcane orb launch instead of landing
  • Arcane Orb can no longer steal Int from Meepo’s clones or Revenge Spirit
  • Improved Haunt’s illusions behavior
  • Fixed Spirit Bear bug with Battle Roar
  • Improved multi-icon abilities behavior with Spell Steal
  • Fixed Rubick stealing Vendetta instead of Impale if Nerubian Assassin burrowed
  • Fixed Rubick being unable to steal a few spells
  • Rubick can no longer steal nothing from the target, Spell steal won’t be launch at all instead
  • Spell Steal can now steal Insatiable Hunger
  • Fixed Ghost Ship granted more MS bonus than should
  • Added icon for Ghost Ship’ Hangover period
  • Added countdown timer over the X marked unit, visible for allies of Kunkka
  • Supernova no longer dispells Ice Blast
  • Blink (AM & QoP) no longer has 20% range penalty
  • Fixed Enigma’s missing hero statue on CM/RD
  • Fixed Culling Blade missing effect status
  • Fixed Poison Touch slowing enemy only at 1st tick
  • Fixed Poison Touch missing 1 damage instance
  • Improved Living Armor targeting priority when no target selected – it will prioritize heroes and valuable structures in a small radius around targeted point
  • Improved Living Armor visibility on structures
  • Timewalk now properly stores orders given while traveling
  • Fixed Timewalk backswing being 0.7 instead of 0.2
  • Skewer now properly stores orders given while traveling
  • Bounty Hunter can now finish attack or spell while Windwalk activation time already running, not losing windwalk’s effect
  • Fixed Primal Roar dealing double damage onto primary target
  • Primal Roar now properly stuns side units
  • Primal Roar sideway pushing effect now properly dispellable
  • Reduced Tornado (Invoker) vision radius
  • Fixed Spin Web bonus MS not being disabled when attacked
  • Fixed chance of getting stuck after leaving Spin Web
  • Fixed Call of the Wild boar’s attack damage not being updated for 87d (reduced by 5)
  • Duel now properly interacts with Lotus Orb
  • Refraction’s illusions pathing improved a bit
  • Electric Vortex no longer has stacking issues with Fiend’s Grip and Flaming Lasso
  • Phantom Strike now properly reflected by Lotus Orb
  • Fixed Snowball ignoring affected allied units relocation
  • Fixed issues with Permanent invisibility on Rikimaru’s illusions

Download: DotA Allstars 6.88t9.w3x (10095.4 kB – downloaded 9541 times.)