Dota v6.88u6 changelog

Getdota map v6.88u6 update and full changelogs:

  • Bottle can now be used on allies if you hold Ctrl key down when clicking it
  • You can now use Alt+Left click to announce your abilities state, items you’re gonna buy or items enemy/ally has. These messages are normal chat messages and affected by all kinds of mute (squelch, etc)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Left click onto item in the shop/hero in the tavern to remind allies about what your team needs
  • Allies can no longer drop/attack item using your hero if you’ve shared control with them. You’ll see notify about somebody is trying to control your hero, so you can decide to keep control shared or disable alliance with him.
  • Fixed Siege units taking too low damage from some spells
  • Improved buying system when shopping outside of range of Secret/Side shop
  • Fixed couriers could sell the item while hero was dead
  • Glimmer no longer stops the caster (still interrupt, but unit keep up with previous order if possible)
  • Fixed Neutrals behaviour against Radiance
  • Improved neutral creeps behavior yet again
  • Improved antihack a little
  • Fixed Sentry Wards self-stacking bug
  • Added notification about players who did the most damage to enemy heroes/towers and got the best experience per minute rate. It displayed right after destroying enemy’s Ancient.
  • Fixed desync caused by new config options
  • Couriers won’t drop items on the ground when delivering to heroes who reincarnates at this moment
  • Fixed Corrosive Breath, Liquid Fire and Nether Blast dealing only 35% of intended damage on structures
  • Fixed Blinks could be learned too early
  • Fixed bug with Burrowstrike distance
  • Fixed Skewer failed to work properly if hero has been Pounced by Slark
  • Fixed Flesh Heap didn’t accumulating str from kills nearby
  • Fixed minor inner issue with Ice Wall
  • Fixed Overpower lasts forever until attacks are wasted
  • Greatly reduced the chance to become stun-immune on Alchemist / Lycan / Sven
  • Fixed teleportation while True Form’ed toggling unit’s model to normal form visually
  • Fixed Drunken Brawler permanent evasion
  • Fixed control issues when hero dies on side-damage of Primal Roar
  • Fixed Stifling Dagger slow not being dispelable
  • Charge of Darkness won’t allow to toggle wards while charging (known issue)
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness malfunctioning sometimes
  • Fixed Slithereen Crush not charging Magic Stick/Wand
  • Fixed Slithereen Crush description not being updated to proper stun duration
  • Fixed Magic Missile not charging Magic Stick/Wand
  • Psionic Trap blast (on Lanaya) button moved to prevent icon shifting on using Refraction
  • Fixed Echo Stomp learning tooltip
  • Fixed Requiem of Souls & Ghost Ship Aghanim upgrade not being recognized by Rubick
  • Spirit Bear’s Entangle skill position moved to inline Savage Roar just like hero’s version


  • Fixed Ursa’s Fury Swipes abuse
  • Fixed various Blink issues (Queen of Pain and Anti-Mage)


  • Fixed issues with Reincarnation and Strength stealing abilities
  • Fixed couple spells not benefiting from Spell Amplify
  • Fixed mode -dl starting gold and Healing Salve status
  • Fixed Tidebringer counting as valid spell cast
  • Fixed Soul Ring selling cost
  • Life Break can no longer target couriers
  • Improved cast animation for Purification
  • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin coulnd’t use teleportation from items
  • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin not being moved with Dark Rift
  • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin illusions behavior


  • Fixed random fatal error from latest update


  • Fixed couple of spells didn’t count as valid spell casts
  • Can no longer use empty Magic Stick / Wand / Urn of shadows (they didn’t have any effect anyway)
  • Fixed –dch option issues with double-clicking on items
  • Fixed Silencer not stealing Int while hidden from the map
  • Fixed Soul Assumption granting bonus spell resistance under some circumstances
  • Fixed tooltips and gold cost of Headdress of Rejuvenation, Mekansm, Tranquil Boots, Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight, Hood of Defiance, Ancient Janggo of Endurance, Force Staff, Hurricane Pike, Vladmir’s Offering, Bloodstone, Guardian Greaves, Refresher Orb
  • Added chat command “-green” to toggle minimap’s coloring (blue allies into green)
  • Improved -betterfps command effect a bit – periodic interface redraw routine launches every 0.5 seconds instead of 0.25

Download: DotA Allstars 6.88u6.w3x (11200.76 kB – downloaded 8521 times.)