Dota 6.88v0 and 6.88v3 changelog

Getdota map v6.88v0 and Dota 6.88v3 update and full changelogs:

Dota v6.88v0:

  • Added chat command -tips to disable on-death tips
  • Fixed –betterfps partially didn’t work
  • Using –betterfps no longer disables ubersplats (burning trailing of Chaos Meteor, for instance)
  • Command –betterfps2 now toggles ubersplats off & on
  • Fixed Tome of Knowledge, Raindrop and Flying Courier first-available timing
  • Fixed clicking on Bottle while on cooldown caused camera to move onto the hero
  • Fixed Lens fatal errors
  • Fixed some on-attack passives malfunctioning
  • Fixed Relocate used to ignore Disable help rules
  • Fixed Gush (Agh) didn’t benefit of Lens’ bonus range
  • Fixed Gush (Agh) providing vision around the wave
  • Fixed Sonic Wave didn’t benefit of Lens’ bonus range
  • Fixed X Mark the Spot duration numbers being slightly off (althought still correct)
  • Fixed Mystic Snake damage & manasteal order – now it steal the mana, then deals the damage
  • Fixed Mystic Snake draining mana from illusions
  • Fixed Mystic Snake not ends after trigger Linken’s Sphere
  • Fixed Mana drain could target an ally


  • Fixed MP regeneration bug
  • Fixed Blur, Drunken Brawler and item’s evasion didn’t work
  • Ban+Pick (-bp) mode is now default for AP
  • Hero names will no longer be included into hero feed
  • Fixed fatal error when playing other maps w/o restart
  • Fixed fatal error when using 2 windwalk abilities in a row
  • Fixed Janggo providing incorrect bonus stats and no bonus regeneration
  • Fixed fatal error when Reincarnation’ Ghost and invulnerability from Eul’s Scepter
  • Reincarnation (Agh) Ghosts now have 1 HP instead of full HP
  • Added chat commands -mute #/ -unmute # where # is slot number 1-5, 6-10. Muted player won’t be seen on your chat screen.
  • Removed “Sell item” button from the Circle of power as any circle can now properly drop an item on the shop in order to sell
  • “Full item cost selling” now works for any amount and type of items bought in the past 10 seconds, including consumables. Ring of Health is still forbidden to sell back for 100% price.
  • Item bought tracking now supports quick buy, means every component is now properly sellable within 10 seconds time window.
  • Disabled all “Allied / Your town under attack” sounds
  • Fixed Observer wards respawn timing on RD mode
  • Fixed Raindrop become available later than 3 mins since creep spawn
  • Fixed stolen Doppelganger didn’t move illusions properly
  • Fixed Dominated siege units still trying to attack structures instead of following player’s orders
  • Fixed Reincarnation didn’t check cooldown for Alt-click
  • Fixed Circle of Power consuming Tome of Knowledge
  • Fixed Bloodrage not providing heal for a killer whenever affected unit dies
  • Fixed Chain Frost slow Aghanim and normal values being swapped
  • Fixed Chain Frost slow being undispellable
  • Fixed rare bug with Chain Frost stopping on the middle of the map
  • Fixed Meat hook visuals
  • Fixed Dazzle’s Aghanim always providing 1 armor per second
  • Fixed Teleportation on Rubick had no cast time
  • Fixed Teleportation cast animation
  • Manaleak no longer stacks on the same target
  • Removed extra ground visuals from Rocket Barrage
  • Fixed Guardian Angel affecting shops
  • Split Show level now updates when learned instead of when toggled
  • Fixed Battle Cry being undispellable
  • Fixed Jinada’s slow being undispellable
  • Mana Shield no longer toggles off automatically
  • Leap can no longer break Pounce
  • Fixed Mjollnir’s buff procing on structures
  • Fixed spell lifesteal procing from self- or friendly damage
  • Fixed QoP and AM Blink improperly charging Sticks
  • Fixed transfering consumables from courier didn’t work if there were no free slots available
  • Fixed ward could be shared to illusion, effectively wasting it
  • Fixed couple of tooltips
  • Guardian Angel visuals changed to less blurry
  • Improved Nature’s Attendants visuals
  • Improved Dual Breath animation to display it’s real AoE

Config updates:
Added bind “SelectAllUnits” to “Hotkeys” section, same rules as any other hotkeys. By default no value assigned
Added into “Visuals” section:

  • ShowTipsWhileDead=true
  • ShowItemsInMultiboard=false
  • UseAdvancedHUD=false
  • DisableAltTogglingHPBars=true
  • WaterColor=
  • IgnoreAllChat=false
  • HideHeroNames=false

Added quickchat binds into a new QUICKCHAT section:

  • QuickChatText#=
  • QuickChatHotkey#=

where # is a number from 1 up to 10


  • Fixed a crash on applying some special abilities to neutrals or dead units
  • Enabled Santa’s Hats
  • Reverted sound change from v1
  • Removed banning phase from SH mode
  • Techies enabled back on all modes
  • Fixed Nature’s Attendant healing 1 more second than intended to
  • Borrowed Time no longer interrupts channeling when casted automatically
  • Skeleton King’s illusions can now provide Vampiric Aura around them
  • Improved Guardian Angel buff visual
  • Added portrait model to Secret shops

Config update:
[HOTKEYS] section now contains:

Same rules as Dota2: only select units with Attack ability, “AllOther” group includes all units, including immovable (Wards), except for the hero. “AllUnits” includes all movable units.


  • Fixed crash related to Linken’s Sphere block/usage from v1/v2
  • Fixed incorrect selling cost of Ring of Regeneration, Headdress of Rejuvenation, Hood of Defiance, Force Staff, Hurricane Pike, Guardian Greaves (thanks to Heilagr for nitpicking item’s prices)
  • Fixed Enchant Totem always being level 1
  • Fixed Requiem of Souls ignoring neutrals
  • Fixed Borrowed Time had no cooldown
  • Fixed The Swarm beetles could be controlled
  • The Swarm no longer dispels from Leap or Borrowed Time
  • Fixed Splinter Blast being reflected twice on Lotus Orb
  • Fixed reflected Splinter Blast missing proper damage amount
  • Fixed Ice Wall counting Wex level instead of Quas
  • Fixed Tempest Double clone always become selected when he dies
  • Fixed Tempest Double could benefit of enemy’s Rapier
  • Fixed Vengeful Spirit could Aghanim’s Spirit could benefit of Rapier or Gem
  • Improved Kelen’s Dagger tooltip

Download: DotA Allstars 6.88v0.w3x – DotA Allstars 6.88v3.w3x