Fugatsu RPG S2 Return Guide

New Update : Fugatsu RPG S2 V1.2g – FW RPG S2 v1.2h.w3x
– Fixed Bug Kiyohime
– Fixed Cooldown Gear / X Gear

-Fixed some bug
-Disable Save Game in menu f10
-Lumber can’t be save now, but lumber from boss increase by 10 and boss anime by 20
-Fixed Zeref Auto AI
-Decrease all Stun Duration from all Character
-Add New Event
-Decrease auto stun Boss Ogre

Fugatsu World RPG Return v1.2: Fixed Save/Load Sytem and Fix Other Bug


Sistine Fibel 			From Rokudenashi Akashic Record Majutsu
Uzumaki Naruto 			From Naruto Shippuden
Aizen Sousuke(Event Hero) 	From Bleach
Karna The Red Lancer 		From Fate Of Aporchya
Jellal Fernandes 		From Fairy Tail
Arthuria Pendragon 		From Fate Stay Night / Fate Zero
Rogue Cheney 			From Fairy Tail
Uchiha Itachi 			From Naruto
Ikki Kurogane 			From Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan
Shiki Nanaya/Tohno 		From Shingesutan no Tsukihime

Crafting Equipment :
STRENGTH TYPE : Sharpen Sword + Scythe[6th boss] + Nature Weapon
AGILITY TYPE : Sharpen Sword + [Blade 8th boss] + Nature Weapon
INTELLIGENCE TYPE : Iron Staff + Murgul Staff [7th boss] + Nature Staff
Crafting Armor :
STRENGTH TYPE : Armor + Hardened Armor [2nd Boss] + Makrura Armor [9th Boss] + Nature Armor
AGILITY TYPE : Armor + Hardened Armor [2nd Boss] + Artifact Leather [10th Boss] + Nature Armor
INTELLIGENCE TYPE : Armor + Hardened Armor 2nd Boss + Artifact Robe [10th Boss] + Nature Robe
Crafting Shoes and Glove:
Stone > Bristile > Undifined Item > Ex-item > Dark Seal > Murloc Broken staff >
Broken Sword > Silk scale > Poisonus Scale(Glove) Poisonus Iron(Shoes) > Spirit Orb

Crafting Equipment Boss Rare :

Skeleton King Hezteria
Required For Craft 	: Nature Weapon/Staff (Status), Nature Armor/Robe, Nature Glove, Nature Shoes

Guardian of the Deep Rementus
Required For Craft 	: Skeleton Armor/Robe, Skeleton Glove, Skeleton Shoes, Nature Weapon/Staff (Damage)

Ogre Lord Siza'Thar
Required for Craft 	: Water Armor/Robe, Water Glove, Water Shoes

Gray Fullbuster
Required For Craft 	: Ogre Armor/Robe, Earh Glove, Earth Shoes,

Laxus Dreyar
Required For Craft 	: Upgrade For Weapon Guardian of The Deep Rementus or Skeleton King Hezteria
			  Freezing Glove, Freezing Shoes, Freezing Armor

Required For Craft	: Lighting Armor, Lighting Glove, Lighting Shoes

Twin Dragon
Required For Craft	: Mist Armor, Mist Shoes,

Required For Craft	: All Weapon Armor Shoes Glove(Required For Save Replay)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gn0werikzblncid/FW%20RPG%20S2%20v1.2h.rar