Dota 6.88v9 – v10(x) changelog and download

Getdota map Dota 6.88v9 – DotA Allstars 6.88vX.w3x full changelogs and download

88vX (10)

  • Fixed crash with Gondar and some other crashes from v9
  • Fixed Bloodthorn not dealing extra damage on the target under some conditions
  • Fixed Raindrop tooltip
  • Reverted change with Meepo Clones handling in SelectAllUnits
  • Improved Earth Spirit’s stones visually
  • Altered Ziggurats (secondary Scourge buildings) model
  • Added ColorblindMode option to Config – Visuals, for now it only toggles Scan minimap ping color from green/red to blue/red


  • Chat aliases with -mute no longer affects yourself anyhow
  • Reverted tower’s collision size changes
  • Fixed courier being auto-selected on respawn
  • Fixed abuse with Refresher Orb
  • Fixed Sprout doesn’t remove Linken’s Sphere
  • Fixed yet another visual hero highlightning issue
  • Fixed sticky Armlet effect bug
  • Invoked spells description now specify spell’s data
  • Fixed missing primary damage from Hellfire Blast
  • Fixed dummy unit appearing in the middle of the map when Warpath learned
  • Fixed Winter’s Curse not blocking the damage abuse
  • Templar Assassin’s Trap blast icon moved to right to prevent overriding Charges indicator
  • Fixed Meld attacks doesn’t trigger Psi Blade sometimes
  • Illusion from Spirit Lance now adds to SelectAllUnits groups
  • Selecting all units now prefers main Meepo instead of his Clones being selected as first
  • Fixed abuse with Meld


  • Fixed false-positive desync detection
  • Slightly reduced Ziggurat’s visual scale
  • Improved RD hero spawning visuals and increased distance between each other
  • Fixed yet another case when non-utf8 characters inside player nicknames caused bonuses malfunction
  • Fixed toggleable abilities with Spell Steal changing normal icon positions
  • Fixed Essence Aura ignoring Arcane Orb autocast if right click was used to target the enemy (works fine with Attack order)

DotA AllStars config file


  • Fixed reported desync issues
  • Positions of ziggurats and moon wells on highground are now more balanced
  • Collision size of all Towers reduced to match spell’s targeting pointer
  • Fixed illusion-revealing technique
  • Fixed Mirror-image could cause unit’s invulnerability
  • Fixed CD/CM hero models staying too far for some Sentinel players (v5 change)
  • Added visual indicators near Market to display Wards, Gem, Tome, Smokes availability (visible to allies only)
  • Changed & improved some icons
  • Improved various tooltips


  • Chat command -si to swap items in the inventory now supports wards and less laggy, but interrupts the hero on use
  • Fixed Pipe of Insight resistance aura flickering randomly
  • Fixed Guardian Greaves affecting all allied units instead of heroes and illusions only
  • Fixed Raindrop working on illusions
  • Fixed Raindrop triggering when receiving damage while invulnerable
  • Animal Courier CD reduced from 5 to 3
  • Tome of Knowledge can no longer be bought on enemy’s side
  • Improved restricted items block mechanic (you can’t buy enemy’s observer wards, Smoke, Gem or Tome)
  • Fixed Flak Cannon having 1 less attack than intended (v6’s bug)
  • Fixed Rearm or Supernova producing fatal error text message
  • Fixed Rearm or Supernova causing desync
  • Fixed Psionic trap slow values being off the mark sometimes
  • Blink Strike (Riki) can now target spell immune allies
  • Phantom Strike can now longer target couriers
  • Fixed yet another case of Skewer causing stun-like effect on Magnus
  • Fixed Natural Order providing 25/50/75/100% armor reduction instead of 40/60/80/100%
  • Fixed Tombstone’s Zombies standing still if their target wasn’t attackable on spawn tick
  • Fixed yet another Skewer + Pounce issue on the same target
  • Fixed Fire Blast level 2 with Multicast level 1 being invisible on the panel
  • Fixed Searing Arrows with Lifesteal lifestealing from structures
  • Death Pact now dispel previous instance of the spell instead of stacking
  • Glimpse no longer goes through Omnislash
  • Improved visual effect for Ensnare
  • Fire Remnant Jump now displays manacost when no Remnants placed
  • Added double-click support to Dark Rift, Healing Ward, Suicide Squad Attack
  • Added hotkey option OrderToAllControlledUnitsHotkey:
  • whenever player gives an order to any unit while holding the key, all controllable units (from SelectAllUnitsgroup) will try to perform it. You can only give 3 AllUnits orders at time, they restore with 1 per second rate.
  • Configed on-start chat can now be pushed to All chat using @ as the very first symbol in the line
  • Quick Chat messages can now be pushed to All chat using @ as the very first symbol in the line

Download: DotA Allstars 6.88vX.w3x